Posted on 12th June, 2019

Your Next Interviewer Might be a Robot: Claims Furhat Robotics

Tengai is the name of the new recruiter developed by Furhat Robotics.

Can you imagine giving an interview in front of a robot? Well, imagining such things might be difficult but not impossible. A Swedish recruitment agency from last October has engaged an AI robot head named Tengai for arranging interviews replacing the human. From May onwards it will take interviews as well as eliminating any kind of prejudices that are generally involved with human interference.

Tenjai has been invented by Furhat Robotics, an Ai startup company. This robot will transfer the transcript which contains the answers given by the candidate so that a final decision can be made based on it whether or not to offer the job to the candidate.

Imagining how it is placed for taking interviews? Well, it sits on the level maintains the eye level with the candidate and ask questions in series. It has been designed in such a way that any candidate will get human modulation.

There is only one difference between human recruiter. Unlike human recruiter, it will not make any personal interaction rather it will straightaway ask you questions related to the work.

The creator of such robot Furhat has long term plans with Tengai. It hopes that in future this robot will be capable of deciding the deserving candidate for the next level.

And since the company is on its way of developing an English version of the robot, chances of your interaction with it while giving interview increases it’s English version will roll out in 2020.

Job seekers are Sweden is really happy with this robot. They strongly believe that they will be judged fairly with such devices leaving behind any kind of discriminations or biasedness. Initially, the candidates might feel a little uncomfortable while interacting with such robot but as the interview progresses one will forget everything and keep on answering to the queries of the robot.

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