Posted on 31st January, 2020

You are not too far from Gen Next SMS?

Rich communication services will soon be available to Android phones users.

You no longer have to be sad if you are not an iPhone user. Soon you will be enjoying many features that are available to iPhone users. Thinking what’s that? Let me a little specific then.

Very recently Google has rolled out features quite similar to that of iMessage. This feature will enable you to send SMS freely through Wi-Fi network rather than relying on mobile data carriers.

What other features can you expect?

Yes, you can expect a lot of other features after all its Google who is the mastermind behind it. Now sharing high-quality pictures, videos will be relatively easier. Also, expect to get a notification for messages received and those that has been delivered.

Apart from all these if you are interested in creating groups, editing the names in that group or checking the names of those who have not yet seen the messages sent- can be done easily.

Although this feature is not all-new for iPhone users But RCS is competent enough to compete with Apple’s iMessage system.

Where can you expect to get the updates?

If you are looking forward to getting any update you must visit the Company’s messaging app rather than the carrier’s SMS service which is auto set on most smartphones.

Simply install the app from Google’s Play Store or Go to phone settings to select Apps and Notifications where you can change the default SMS app to Google’s messaging app.

If you own Google’s Pixel phone then you are already using the messaging app. So can expect to get auto-updates just like other apps.

But for the time being only U.S citizens can avail this amazing service. This is a part of their small testing. Others will have to wait for a few more months to get it available on their Android Phones.

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