Posted on 30th May, 2019

Wi-Fi WPA3 is not secured- It can leak your Network’s Password

Although initially, it declared itself to be highly secured, the reality is something different

Are you using Wi-Fi- WPA3 network? If, so then your computer might be at risk. Know why?

Initially, WPA3 was considered to be the highly secured protecting your network from the attackers. As per the latest report, Wi-Fi WPA3 has got serious flaws in it. By doing certain tricks intruders can get information about your router’s password.

WPA3 was originally introduced to prevent vulnerabilities associated with WPA2 protocol. As cracking down the Password was relatively easy with it.

The protocol of WPA2 transmitted a “hash” or the jumbled version of the Wi-Fi network’s password. The hackers only needed to detect anyone password that was exchanged on the network. And, once it received so, they made several attempts to match with the right password. I know, it is quite a difficult task but not impossible.

To fix this problem WPA3 is introduced. It prevents hackers from guessing passwords offline. With WPA3 protocol hackers have to be present near the network for cracking the password, which is not possible always. In addition to this, there is a feature called “Forward Secrecy” which prevents the hacker from decrypting any earlier captured data even if they know the password of the network.

But sadly, it is not that much secured how it is expected to be. Its main problem lies with its compatibility factor. Since it is compatible with its older version WPA2, it is capable of supporting the protocols and can switch between the two. So, during this transition process, high probabilities remain for passwords getting leaked. So, researchers introduced another dummy router of WPA2, pretending it to be the official router. But, each time the victims connects it with their devices it transmits data which can be tracked down easily.

Thus, to prevent one kind of attack, researchers introduced something which makes hacking easier and that too much cost effective. One benefit is that hackers might not always be present while you connect with the system. And, also if you make your password little complicated hackers won’t be able to make a guess.

Now, the hardware manufacturers have started rolling out patches, for fixing this issue. Not only that, but even regular software updates can also mitigate the problem without impacting the functioning of the device.

However, what measures will be taken to fix these issues has not yet been decided but, it is a great mistake to switch back the back to its older version when the new version is available. Also, if the protocol’s password is changed frequently then chances of password getting leaked are very less.

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