Posted on 30th May, 2019

Why your business shouldn’t completely rely on Facebook

As an entrepreneur start thinking about creating your own platform.

Undoubtedly, Facebook is one of the biggest platforms, not only for socializing but it is also giving a major boost to most of the medium and small scale business, who want to have their digital presence. Moreover, selling products through Facebook is also one of the cheapest ways of improving your sales and having your presence in the digital world. Everything was fine till then. But the incident of 13th March 2019 is a warning alert for all the entrepreneurs who want their presence only on Facebook.

By now, you must have come across the news about Facebook experiencing an outage and how it eventually got affected. The business came to a standstill as the companies were unable to reach their target audience due to the outage.

It has to fit in your mind, that you cannot run your business by relying completely on someone else’s platform. Following single marketing will not give you fruitful result in the long run. Here, is what you need to do for achieving success in the long run:

Create a strong platform for your business: Standing at this digital era, if you think of running a successful business, your primary focus must be on two parts- firstly, create your own website and secondly create an email list.

Building a website on other social media means to give control of your business to them. Your business should not have any dependency on others. By reaching the target audience through your own website can gain the liking, trust of the potential customer. Even if they don’t want to make an immediate purchase, they can always create an account for buying things in the future. This is a great way to improve your sale in the near future.

Make effective marketing plans: always be ready with an alternate plan if one plan falls down. The mixture of strong marketing strategies can draw the attention of millions of users. Rather than making the social media platform the only medium of selling your products, you can use them as a medium for generating ads or leads or even creating groups who will eventually visit your website to purchase your products.

Sometimes, relying on a particular strategy can create massive damage to your business. That’s why it will be a clever decision to make different marketing plans.

Keep on building audience: The more people will learn about your business, the easier it will be to grow your business. Efforts creating audience will never go in vain and will always multiply your dollars. To gain more audience, initially, you can give them free content and take their review, so that you can have an idea if any further improvements are required. Invite your friends to participate in the market survey. Locate places where you can get both online and offline audiences. So, even if an outage occurs, your business will never get affected and in the worst scenario, if your business gets affected, the damage will be minimal.

So, if you haven’t thought of building a separate platform for your business, then it is high time to think over it and create a strong foundation for your business.

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