Posted on 31st January, 2020

Most Popular E-Commerce Website in 2019

Are you curious to know about it? Here is a report presented by TRA Research.

Before I proceed I want to ask you one simple question. Which e-commerce platform do you prefer the most and use maximum time to purchase your product? I am quite sure most of you will say Amazon just like I do. That is also what the TRA Research Report is telling. As per their report in 2019 Amazon bagged the highest rank among other e-commerce websites.

Google ranked second position and Facebook ranked third among the most trusted brand online. Another popular messaging app Hike holds the fourth position beating WhatsApp whose popularity is currently ranking 10th position.

There are other service providers as well like Oyo rooms the online hotel accommodation provider ranked Fifth position and the taxi service provider Ola is in the sixth position beating Uber which currently holds rank 14. Among the top 10 online players Flipkart, LinkedIn and Snapdeal are also there ranking 7th, 8th, and 9th respectively.

It is absolutely true that the brands who look after their customer satisfaction other than earning profits survive in the long run. Otherwise, in this competitive market, it is very difficult to exist since ultimately it is the customers who use the product and brings success to any business.

This report also shows how people have complete faith in Amazon and they are also consistently upgrading the services for their customers. Soon in the US drones will be delivering packages up to 2.5 kg weight to their customers within 30 minutes. Thus we can understand how actively Amazon is experimenting with things that can ultimately bring customer satisfaction.

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