Posted on 28th May, 2021

What are the crucial graphic design elements?

Are you new to graphic designing? Are you looking for the must-have graphic design elements in your design? Are you looking for graphic design services?

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We have highlighted the top 6 must-have graphic design elements in this blog. Tune in to know in detail.

The must-have elements of graphic design are the components that are necessary to create a piece of art or design. Simply put, these elements are the main ingredients if art were a recipe to cook up something tasty and visually pleasing.

Add a dash of color, a pinch of texture, and a wee bit of shape. And voila! The result is a beautifully crafted graphic design.

Must-have Graphic Design Elements

Don’t take our word for it! Recipes will vary, but all pieces of art and design consist of the following six elements:

1. The line
The line is present in every design, it can be a solid border of 1px or a dotted line of 5px. All websites have lines, but the minimalist movement made well-known in the past couple of years talks about erasing the lines from the layouts, or decreasing the use of the lines.

The lines are of various types – long, red, thin, straight, royal blue, short, curved, and/or black.
Now you may ask – what are the lines used for?

The lines are used to constrain various sections of a design. They are also used to draw your attention to the direction the designer wants.

Different visual effects and impacts are created by the use of these lines.

The minimalist style uses less solid lines or more curved lines. This is done to offer a dynamic flow to the design. This style helps in indicating energy and keeps the user hooked to the design. Our designers can combine this with illustration to appeal to the human eye.

2. The shape
The shape is also known as form and is the second-most used element in a web design. Shapes are lines combined in different shapes. Shapes or forms are of different types ranging from squares, rectangles, circles, triangles, and other abstract shapes. Most designs have one of these shapes.

The minimalist style of designing makes use of these a lot since most of them are based on illustrative drawings.
The use of shapes also works the same way as lines do. The human brain associates ‘shapes’ with different movements.

For instance, the ‘circle’ is associated with movement and nature.

3. Textures
Textures are a new addition to this list since they were not used to such an extent two years ago the way they are used now. Textures are responsible for replacing the monochrome backgrounds.

Textures look similar to solid backgrounds, but when looked at minutely, you will see small but effective differences.

Paper, stone, concrete, brick, fabric, and other natural elements are all part of the texture family. You can use textures subtly or go bold with them and you can use them sparingly or liberally. They will work either way.
Textures help in offering a visual effect and impact on the human eye.

4. Color
Although we design in black & white first, color is the most important aspect of all. Color offers the most valuable and powerful visual impact when you look at a design for the very first time.

The best thing about color is that it is basic and does not need graphic designing skills to be understood and noticed.

Color helps in signifying different emotions – red is for passion, blue gives a calming effect and green signify nature.

Even for people who don’t recognize this, colors affect your mind. They help in changing your perception.
For example, the image of a bracelet colored red signifies revolution while a white ribbon shows peace.

This is the reason why the color white is used in most hospitals and nursing homes since white stands for peace and has a calming effect on the patients.

Studies have shown that if you keep someone in a room colored in red with a red light, that person is bound to experience sudden anomalies in his body such as elevated heart rate and blood pressure. While the same person kept in a blue environment will calm down.

Therefore, color theory is crucial to know for all graphic designers.

5. Value
We didn’t talk about value in the color section although it is closely related to color. This is because ‘value’ is more general and shows the amount of light or darkness present in a color on a design.

Value also affects mood, but only at an intense level.

You can become a great graphic designer by understanding the color theory but if you know what value to use for a certain color you will go beyond the set parameters of success.

Lighter designs have a different impact and feel than darker designs. But you will need to have the eye for detail if you want to excel in the field of graphic designing.

6. Space
Space is a really important element in graphic design and most companies offering graphic design services use white space to offer ease of readability.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that any space colored white be considered white space, only space between the design that is the same as the background color qualifies as the white space.

Our designers have illustrated the concept of white space in the pictures below.

The white space is also known as the negative space. Why negative space?

If you don’t have enough negative space your design will look more cluttered and old-fashioned. Space also influences the human eye.

These are the must-have elements of a graphic design. If you are equipped with this knowledge you will go a long way in the field of graphic designing. And if you are looking for graphic design services then Futuristic Bug is the go-to option for you.

Our designers not only know the crucial graphic design elements, they are adept at using the newest technologies to produce aesthetic, responsive, and scalable graphic designs.

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