Posted on 19th July, 2021

10 Effective Ways To Prevent Technical Glitches On Website

“Schedule checks to maintain website powers flawless customer experience and ensures optimized website performance.”

A website is a collection of web pages backed by HTML code, images, media files, videos, and other visual elements. It is an online representation of an in-store business that empowers businesses by targeting their potential audiences via search engines like Google and Bing.

To keep a healthy website, free of issues and technical glitches, website maintenance is essential. So here in this blog, we have listed factors to be focused on for website maintenance.

10 Pointers On Avoiding Any Technical Glitches In Your Site

Scheduled website maintenance can work wonders for businesses and brands online by creating a flawless user experience and browsing experience.

  • Eliminates lots of performance issues
  • Eases customer browsing experience
  • Improves accessibility to data
  • Improves quality of the site display
  • Updates security protocols
  • Fixes all glitches
  • Enhances customer experience

The checklist on avoiding technical glitches in your website are addressed below-

Check Website Speed

Firstly, the first thing on your checklist to avoid any technical glitches on your website is to optimize the website’s loading time and speed. It is an integral factor for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), as well as for search engine rankings.

Additionally, reducing the bounce rate of your website and generating quality leads. Checking your website’s speed is the first task at hand to improve the site’s usability by-

  • Optimize images by reducing the size or the number of images used on the site.
  • Also, optimize the videos you put on your website
  • Creating sitemaps that leverage browser caching.
  • Update the plugins
  • A Content Delivery Network is always preferred
  • Channel browser caching

Thereby you can check the website speed on different tools that the experts of web development service providers suggest. It should not take more than 3 seconds to load or visitors may leave the site. Additionally increasing the bounce rate and creating a negative brand image.

Routine Check For SEO Performances & Roadblocks

Routine website maintenance must include the minute checking of the website’s SEO performance level and optimizing it for smooth running without any lagging.

Small issues like redirects, 404 errors, use of canonicals, URL structure, server timeouts, and so on may impact your website performance hugely. Therefore, perform scheduled checks for these small elements to boost the site’s performance and flawless user interaction.

Routine Fixing Of All Broken Links

Maintenance of a website includes hugely fixing all the broken links on your website. Broken links tend to create a negative impression and influence the visitors to leave the website immediately.

You should always perform a routine check to ensure that all the URLs are working perfectly. There are many inspection tools available for your assistance that you can use for free and remove from the source code. Broken links showcase unprofessionalism and build a negative image for the site and the site owner. It poorly reflects on the search engine rankings and harms the optimization performance of the website.

Renew the SSL certificate

It is very important to renew your website’s SSL certificate to keep your audience’s trust in you. The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate protects your website’s database and your customer’s information secured by encrypting them on a secure connection. It is crucial to renew your SSL certificate to establish trust and create brand value in the long run.

Remove Duplicate Content

You need to conduct an audit of your website to eliminate duplicate content from your website. This is important for optimizing the SEO rankings as it might be indexed low.

You can remove duplicate content by setting up a 301 redirect URL from the canonical page to the original web page. Thus when a search engine indexes your website and crawls, it does so thoroughly for duplicate contents.

Database Optimization

An optimized database puts your website one step ahead of the competition. The periodically updated database contains accurate information for easy access by web visitors, search engines, bots, etc.

They can also collect information quickly by eliminating endless scrolling of data that is irrelevant to them. It also boosts the website’s speed immensely and boosts search engine rankings.

Eliminate Unsafe Domain Links

Unsafe domain links can be attached to malware-laden websites, phishing sites, spammy website forums, etc. So you must eliminate unsafe domain links from your website by not adding them to the external links.

Scheduled Website Backups

Never forget to keep a backup of all your website data so that it can be easily restored when needed. Never neglect to schedule website backups at regular intervals and protect the database for future use.

For example, if there is any security breach and your data is lost, you can restore it from backups. It will not create any downtime for your website and boost its performance keeping all the laments intact like before.

Even if you are thinking about switching hosting providers or launching a website redesign project – the backups are handy in these situations. Thereby, boosting the progress of your project without lagging.

Update CMS

Update your website’s Content Management System (CMS) whenever there is a new release. An updated CMS helps in fixing all the bugs and updates the loopholes in the system that are newly discovered. Along with CMS updates, plugins are also updated (by adding new ones or updating the existing ones) decreasing the chances of any hacking whatsoever.

Any popular website building platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento, etc, regularly update the website CMS along with plugins and themes. Thereby fixing bugs, glitches, vulnerabilities, server timeouts, and security issues independent of being a feature or functionality on it or not.

Review & Update Legal Obligations

While running an online business through websites, you are bound to follow the rules and regulations. There are legal disclaimers, privacy policies, terms, and conditions that as a site owner you are obligated to include and follow.

Therefore, you should always review and update all your legal disclaimers periodically to know the current statute of these documents at all times. Website maintenance is not only about security and usability but also about legal pleasantries as well.

You must also ensure that no decree is violated by you and you are keeping the customers in the loop, while they are purchasing your products or services.


Website maintenance tasks help in improving usability and functionality, thereby optimizing the site performance. Hopefully, the above to-do list can help you boost website functionality.

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