Posted on 27th April, 2020

Vanish the Photobombers using Bye Bye camera app

Using AI tools Bye Bye camera app can remove any human who is spoiling your picture with their presence

Yes, you have heard it correctly. You can keep the photobombers away from your picture before publishing it on social media platforms. Whenever you start taking photographs in any busy areas, there will be people surrounding you in those photos which actually is unavoidable. But I have got the right solution for you. You can always vanish them using Bye Bye Camera app that can remove any human from the amazing photos you have taken. How? Will discuss it now.

This app is basically a practical art project developed by Do Something Good that can rescue your picture from all the unwanted humans. The artist who launched this app is known as “Damjanski”. Earlier also he has made digital project Do something Good and connected the different people he got associated with online, worked on CAPTCHA which excluded human being and his new app “Artnome” will work on humans to remove them and the vanity of their selfies. Don’t worry everything is done quite artistically.

Well, Bye Bye Camera apps use AI tools which are already into the limelight for its ability to behave like humans and is still under research. This particular tool uses YOLO abbreviation of You Only Look Once which can quickly identify human outlines and deletes them and another separate tool from Adobe “context-aware fill” fills the background instantly.

Creating such things is of super fun and it takes little effort to perform so. Although the results might not turn out to be perfect it clearly showcases how far we can take advantage of AI tools.

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