Posted on 20th February, 2023

Understanding Google Analytics 4: A Complete Guide

Understanding Google Analytics and staying updated with its changes is important for improving your website’s ranking. In October 2021 Google announced some major changes by releasing GA4(Google Analytics 4). And now it’s 2023, when Universal Analytics will soon become obsolete, making GA4 the most popular tool to track users’ journeys.

Knowing the new structure of Google Analytics is crucial, as it can have a huge impact on your business. In this article we have discussed everything that you must know about GA 4, so continue reading to learn more.

What is Google Analytics 4?

GA4 or Google Analytics 4 is mainly a new tool, introduced by Google that uses a significantly new data structure and collection logic. Each user interaction is processed by GA 4 as a unique event using an event-based model. Therefore, everything is now set up around events and users, and not sessions.

The advantage of the focus on events is that it improves flexibility. Most importantly, it boosts user behaviour predictions with reports such as cross-platform analysis. So, you must set up GA 4, if you are yet to do it.

What is GA4 Machine learning?

Using Cookies to track visitors to your website has become difficult due to GDPR privacy laws across Europe. That’s why search engines like Safari and Firefox have already blocked third-party cookies. Google is also planning to follow the same path. The release of GA4 has already reduced the need for cookies as it sends alerts. The machine learning of GA4 has removed cookies, and its AI-powered insights alert you to data trends. Besides, it also allows access to predictive metrics, which is useful for identifying conversion-related actions and events.

Below are the actions or events that you can track with the help of GA4:

  • Churn probability: It assists in monitoring the probability that people who were active seven days ago may become inactive seven days from now.
  • Purchase probability: The possibility of an active user for the past 28 days purchasing in the next 7 days.
  • Revenue forecast: The anticipated revenue from purchases made by customers who were active over the previous 28 days in the coming 28 days.

Is it important to switch to Google Analytics4?

At this point having a setup of Google Analytics 4 is important, as Universal Analytics will not give you the result after 1st July 2023. So GA4 is an immediate requirement for meaningful future analysis. You can start collecting data and also strengthen your machine learning model. After all, better data collection will help you plan informed marketing strategies.

Methods to set up GA4

You will never find any difficulty while setting up GA4 as this is a matter of a few clicks only. Leading SEO experts in India suggest connecting the new GA4 data stream to your existing Universal Analytics. Check the steps below to set up GA4 in some easy steps.

  • Initially, you must sign into your Google Analytics account.
  • After that click on the admin icon, which is visible at the bottom left
  • Then select the desired account to set up GA 4.
  • Also, check the desired property.
  • Then click on GA4 setup assistant, which is the first option in the property column

After that, inside the setup wizard, click on the ‘Get started button. Finally, click on the ‘Create property’ blue button to finish the set-up process.

The process of event tracking:

Once you set up the property, the setup assistant will automatically activate the enhanced measurement. To track third-party elements and form submissions, you will need custom code. However, the basic forms of event tracking are mainly automatic.

Is GA4 useful for Reporting?

The push for privacy has made it difficult to track users as they use multiple devices and are active on various devices. GA4 is an advanced solution that uses machine learning techniques to bridge the data gap. Moreover, GA4 also simplifies the reporting interface, making it easy for you to identify main trends and irregularities in data.

How to utilize the GA4 reports?

The GA4 reports are a great help for the experts of the leading SEO agencies for strategizing the best SEO techniques. Take a look at the points below to understand how GA4 reports can be useful.

  • Real-time report: It shows the events that happened within the past 30 minutes. You can use it to verify if the tracking code is working and to view effects from a YouTube video. Besides, there is also another useful option available, i.e. ‘View user snapshot’. This will provide information about the user’s device, location, real-time engagement with the site/app, etc.
  • Life Cycle reporting: It helps you get data regarding acquiring, engaging and also retaining users. You can also get data to analyze how users enter the conversion funnel. It is also useful for analyzing their behaviour when they are in the funnel.
  • Explorar reports: It gives you access to various advanced techniques and also a template gallery that is not available anywhere else. This is why the new Analysis Hub is considered the most powerful change in GA4.

Benefits of GA4:

Take a look at the benefits of GA4 that are pointed out below:

Creating more powerful audiences:

The success of your ad campaigns depends on a powerful audience base, and for that powerful measurement is necessary. GA4 includes some useful tools which are appropriate for powerful measurements. Therefore you can expect better ROI on ad spend.

Intuitive user privacy and tracking features:

GA4 gives your users better control over the personal data that is collected. Google is switching to a policy that is more flexible and adaptable to a future where cookies will be less common. Privacy will be the chief focus for users and regulatory bodies.

Analysis tools for user engagement:

GA4 is more focused on user-centric reports by aligning the report menu section with the customer journey. Its ‘Lifecycle’ section will provide you with data regarding Acquisition, Engagement, Monetisation, and also retention. Moreover, GA4 is ideal for predicting customer actions and value with the help of new engagement metrics.


Data retrieved from GA4 can be used for making decisions on marketing campaigns, product development, customer support, and more. GA4 provides detailed metrics and reporting, which can be used to measure the success of an app or website. Additionally, it also helps to identify user trends, providing valuable insights into customer behaviour.

Finally, we can say that GA4 provides businesses with the tools they need to improve their digital presence and increase revenue. So, set up GA4 and make the best use of it, to take your business to the next level.

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