Posted on 30th May, 2019

Twitter instigates new Dark Mode, saving phone’s battery life

Although this feature is quite popular these days, Twitter has chosen to create it differently.

Most of the apps, these days offer a dark mode option, as it is considered to be more soothing for your eyes, especially if you are watching it for longer times. YouTube, Google, Reddit, Waze and others have already started supporting this mode. Currently, WhatsApp is also working on it. No wonder its popularity in the market is increasing with time.

The darker version of Twitter’s app was already existing, which was more blueish kind than a blackish one. But, unfortunately, it was not liked by everyone. One of its users complained of its dark mode to be “Weird Blue”. However, the current option will enable users to use a darker version which is mostly like pitch black.

Most of the apps, supporting the dark mode only offer either a light, white mode or a dark mode. Since it is beneficial for conserving your phone’s battery. But, Twitter worked in a different way. Rather than introducing the darker version of the same theme, it is giving a new option to its users.

The new “Light Out” mode is created using the Black colour that is absolutely opaque. Thus, it not only saves the battery life but also is a good choice for those who want to use the darker mode but didn’t like the earlier shade.

Another, new Automatic Dark Mode option has been made available for iOS users. This new option will give a choice to its users, so that they can switch their device automatically from a light mode to dark mode as per their own choice, in accordance with their time zone. The settings of your phone can be done in such a way that your phone will be capable of automatically recognizing the current time zone and change the theme mode accordingly.

Both the modes are available in the updated version of the Twitter app for Apple users. So, iOS users, go ahead and experience the new dark mode theme.

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