Posted on 6th May, 2021

TV ads Vs. Digital Marketing for better ROI?

Advertising has and will always remain an integral part of any business, who wishes to establish its reputation and maximize its profit. But the rising popularity of the digital spectrum is creating a dilemma among advertisers, igniting the question- where to invest more to improve brand awareness?

Demand is one of the various metrics that is analyzed to measure the success of a brand. But the demand for a product is never generated automatically. A brand needs to work hard towards it and create an awareness campaign among its audiences to grow it.

Television medium has always been the most popular platform for advertisers to promote their brand and convey the brand message in a fascinating way. But over the years the rising popularity of digital marketing has somewhere squeezed the popularity of television mediums, as many advertisers now believe social media marketing or digital marketing to be the most effective tool to reach people who think alike.

Indeed the world has gradually adapted itself to the technological transformation that has taken place, and people are happy to go digital. But when you start comparing Television ads with social media marketing, you will find many big brands are still very much part of the television medium.

Both Television and social media platforms have their way of inducing the clients to try their products and services. But the advantage of using social media platforms is that it is easy to leverage the powerful digital marketing tools to identify the target audiences ad segregate them according to their demographic profiles. Also, the cost involvement with digital marketing is much lesser, compared to what advertisers pay for advertisements on television medium.

Then, why do popular brands still invest in Television Ads?

Popular brands always target TV ads, because of their ample power to reach the general mass, influence them, and at the same time give exposure to the brand and boost its value.

A survey has unveiled that consumer believes in TV ads 15% more than they do to online ads.

People might not buy things instantly they see in television ads, but as they keep on watching them, the brand authenticity resonates in their minds. And the next time they visit a shop, they either enquire about such products or buy them instantly.

Where should you invest to maximize the profit?

You can invest in any marketing tool to improve your brand reputation but to gain the maximum profit, it is always better to team up both the marketing channels. The reason I’ll share, why?

Where digital marketing creates an opportunity to analyze the client details and segregate them according to their holistic behavior, TV is always successful in educating the mass, creating the desired awareness, and giving complete information about the products that are sold. Why not fine-tune both of the marketing channels to accomplish the goal? It will also ensure you get the maximum benefit at the minimum price.

But one thing that you must ensure is to create the right message. To do that you must scrutinize the words you are using for the ads. You can always hire a content writer, who can create the right message and present it in a way that piques consumers’ interest. Otherwise, whatever you invest, whichever channel you choose to accomplish the goal, can be a hard challenge. Thank You!

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