Posted on 18th April, 2022

Developing a Travel Booking App: Everything You Need To Know

Nowadays, booking travel tickets or making hotel reservations is easier than before. Thanks to the emergence of travel apps and the various functional features that help travelers make the necessary plans instantly.

If you are someone from the travel and tourism industry and want to kick-start your travel business online, having a travel booking app is all that you need to win the heart of the travel enthusiasts and take your tour operating business to the next level.

In this blog, we have mentioned all the must-know facts related to the travel booking app. But before that, let’s first understand the various advantages of developing a travel booking app.

So, below we have the details for you.

What does a travel booking app do?

You can help your fellow travelers through a travel booking app with the following-

Finding hotels:

You can help your customers to find and book hotels more quickly and easily. Besides, the travel booking app also includes information regarding hotels and restaurants, helping the travelers locate the most suitable accommodations beforehand.

Delivers useful content:

For your tourism business, having relevant content is crucial to lead generation. Providing customers with an informative travel guide is a must.

Furthermore, feedback and ratings from other customers are also important to share. Hence, a travel booking app provides all such information necessary to grow your business.

Allows for ease of searching:

Such apps help to find ticket-related details more easily, saving the travelers time. However, businesses need to integrate some convenient tools to help customers search for ticket-related detailed information.

Types of travel apps

Today, there are several types of travel apps available. We have highlighted some of the most useful apps below.

Flight booking apps:

Travellers now have the opportunity to compare prices for flights. Due to the flight booking apps, this is possible. This enables customers to buy tickets in advance quickly and easily. Skyscanner, Kiwi, kayak, etc. are just a few examples.

Hotel booking apps:

People can now find rooms at a price that suits their budget. This is possible with hotel and accommodation booking apps. Comparing hotel prices and checking reviews before booking is quite easy.,, Airbnb, and Oyo rooms are some of the popular hotel booking apps.

Transport apps:

Travellers must be aware of the transportation systems of the places they visit. This is when transport apps are useful. How? They display routes and details about transport options. Examples: Uber, Ola, Taxify, etc.

Travel guide apps:

Travellers can now easily stay informed about local events. These are made possible by travel guide apps. One such app is Culture Trip.

Features that your travel booking app should include

Having a travel booking app that works effectively for your customers is a good idea. The effectiveness of an app makes a huge difference when it comes to generating more revenue. To make your mobile app effective, it should have some specific features. Keep reading on to know more.

Directions and maps:

Your travel app should guide the users to their hotels and tourist attractions. Could it be done without maps and directions? Not. In that case, maps must be part of your app. How do leading providers of mobile app development services in India implement such features? They use various advanced tools. Therefore, to integrate such tools into your app, you should seek the guidance of experts.

A planner:

An ideal travel app enables users to envision their entire journey in advance. With this feature, users can estimate the cost of their trip and check other details regarding arrangements. With this functionality, your app makes it easier for users to plan their vacations more efficiently.

Updates about the weather:

How about keeping users updated about the weather while using your travel app? Doesn’t that make your app more useful? In the end, according to these updates, travelers can make changes to their travel plans. It is certainly something you shouldn’t overlook when creating your app.

Include social media icons:

People tend to capture happy moments while traveling and post them on social media. Therefore, including all the social media icons is a must for a travel app.

Advanced system for booking:

To help travelers compare prices for hotels and flights, your app needs to provide some advanced features. These features will certainly be appreciated by users. Aside from that, you can add various payment options to your app. Hence, consider taking help from the providers of mobile app development services in India.

Share the reviews:

The reviews that you have received from users must be included in your app. Reviews help to build trust. Many people check reviews when booking services. So, adding this feature to your travel app would be useful.

Cost of developing a travel booking app

Before you hire any expert app developers from the best mobile app development company in India, to build a travel app, you should know the cost involved to develop a travel booking app. This will help you in fixing a budget for your travel app.

Below you can see an estimation of the cost of developing a travel booking app. Keep reading on.

Designing and development:

Travel apps are designed and developed at various stages. Therefore, you must calculate the amount required for each stage separately. App design costs around 15000 dollars, whereas, the app’s development is expected to be around 30,000 U.S. dollars.

Quality checking:

Make sure your app is high quality before releasing it. Hence, quality checking is a must. Furthermore, this stage may cost up to 15,000 dollars.

Cost of maintenance:

Not only should you develop an app, but you should maintain it as well. Therefore, we need to set aside a certain amount of money for app maintenance too. This cost can move up to 30,000 dollars. However, the cost of maintaining the app may also vary based on its type.


It is very beneficial to have a mobile app when it comes to communicating with clients. For this reason, travel apps can be very helpful for the tourism industry to grow its business. So, always consider the shared information when developing a travel app and give a pleasant experience to the travelers who trust your brand.

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