Posted on 9th October, 2018

Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Content Writing Skills

It is undoubtedly a daunting deal for a writer to churn out a creative piece, which succeeds to convey the target messages loud and clear without boring the readers to their tears! Lots of research, rigorous brainstorming, and copious amounts of trials-and-errors lead to a writer’s victory in rendering “quality” content. Over the past few years, the industry of content marketing has been evolved a lot and is resultantly encouraging swarms of young aspirants to take up writing as a career. Are you planning to become a successful writer? Check out these below-mentioned tips on improving your content writing skills–

Play with words:-

Writing can serve as a cathartic exercise to you if you can learn the art of penning down your thoughts using the appropriate words or phrases. A piece of writing is different from an oral speech. You can add a dash of quirk in your writeups by incorporating a myriad of sophisticated words and phrases, barely discernible in the colloquial vocabulary. Also, learn the art of writing good sentences in your content, as a sparkling sentence is the basic ingredient of the quality content writing.

Plagiarism is a sin:-

Nothing can save you from falling prey to the readers’ derogatory remarks if you indulge in plagiarism. Copying or plagiarism will clip the wings of your creative flight. It can strangle your innovation and pose a stiff stumbling-block to the upsurge of your creativity. So, produce original content and say no to plagiarism.

A simplistic approach:-

Behind every thought of a writer, there is a library of unsaid thoughts. A writer needs to choose the right words to voice his/her thoughts. For a writer, it is a sin to bombard his/her creation with a pile of intricate words and phrases. When it comes to words – the less is always considered the more. Stay aloof from those complicated jargons, as a majority of the modern readers have a strong aversion to the break-teeth words. However, if you think your readers are well-verse with the lingo, you can consider emerging an avant-garde art connoisseur!

Double-check :-

They say, “ write drunk but edit sober.” Every writer should take a breather post finishing the work and squeeze a few moments out for rechecking it. As we all know that behind every writer, there is an erratic speed of thoughts. To pace with the speed, a writer gets prone to committing a thousand of silly mistakes (spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc.) when jotting a scribble down. The only way to eliminate those silly mistakes is to double check your content, thoroughly, right from the beginning until the end.

Three-directional editing:-

The content editing has to be a slow and steady process. Split the editing into three procedures – structure editing, content editing and grammar editing. Begin with editing the structure of your content. Take, for instance, you can narrow down at the bullets or bold headers instead of opting for the way too elaborative paragraphs. The subsequent step would be to review your content keeping an eye out for the sections that appear to be nonsensical. Finally, edit the grammatical mistakes.Grammer is the backbone of a language. It’s a sin for a writer to do away with the grammar of a language. Ensure that there is no room left in your content for the grammatical errors.

Stay away from overdoing it:-

You know what is harder than actually beginning the editing procedure? It is knowing when you have had enough! Well, there is no sense beating a dead horse! If you have been busy rewriting the same sentence or phrase over and over again, then you must call it a night! Reaching the final stage or the publishing stage could be really taxing. But, never allow your indecisive editing keep your content anywhere in the drafts folder.

Follow these aforementioned tips to let your blog writing spree emerge with flying colors. Have a great read!

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