Posted on 8th March, 2019

The wait for another Apple Handoff- like feature is over

Switch Music between iPhone and Mac devices seamlessly.

The demand for Apple Handoff feature is explicit, as it enables transfer of any data or tasks from between any two Apple devices seamlessly.

Now, by installing the new Playoff feature can enable you to just do the same while playing music, without causing any hindrances. Playoff is a third party app developed by Martin Powlette that makes use of the Bluetooth and Apple’s Music kit for sharing playback between Mac and iPhone.

Just by installing the app on both the devices it can be easily paired via Bluetooth. Then, you can continue listening to any song, by transferring it either from iPhone to Mac or vice versa.

However, limitations are also there. For connecting the devices they need to stay within a fixed range. But, definitely, this is not a major problem. We are quite familiar with it, as we are already using Bluetooth for transferring our data from a long time. In near future Playoff with be covering broader area like-

Supporting iPad, continue playing the entire playlist rather than a single song, Auto switching between audio outputs just like Airpods.

Guessing about its price? Well, for installing it on your Mac Pc you don’t need to spend a single penny. It is free software that can be easily installed from the Mac App Store. But, for your iOS device, you need to purchase it for $1.99.
Compared to the facility it is giving the price is not too much. If, you ask me than you can definitely give it a try for having that cohesive experience.

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