Posted on 10th June, 2019

The Third Generation of Apple’s AirPods are not far away

Apple is gearing up to roll out the third generation AirPods

Apple’s AirPods are considered to be a major hit in the market. In fact, it is the second most popular products selling in the market. Indeed its demands are constantly increasing.

As of now, the AirPods you are using belongs to the second generation and now new reports state that the third generation AirPods will be released before 2019 ends. Inventec and Luxshare Precision will be the manufacturer of the new AirPods that are yet to be released.

How AirPods -3 will be different?

Each Time Apple releases something it has to be different. The most important feature of Airpods-3 will be its noise cancellation technology.

It is true that noise cancellation technology is nothing new as you have heard about it before. But, the underlying truth is that it is quite hard to involve such technology. It is a challenging task for designers and developers to make a semiconductor device function without any electromagnetic influence and on the other hand to exclude any kind of noise from the AirPods so that it can work amicably with other devices.

Again such kinds of the feature have drawbacks as well. It has a tendency of consuming more power. So, this is also going to be a big challenge for Apple. The recent report also claims Apple is targeting to sell 40 million pairs of AirPods by the end of 2019. In Q4 2018 Apple took 60 % of the market for selling hearable.

Now, it is time to sit back and wait for the release of Airpods-3 for enjoying noise-free sound technology.

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