Posted on 10th August, 2020

Know Why WhatsApp payment Service is Facing Tough Time

WhatsApp the instant messaging app never failed to please its users with its service till date. But its payment service is struggling hard to get launched despite its collaboration with Reliance Jio.

Google and Walmart have collaborated successfully for the launch Phone Pay in India, but Facebook’s WhatsApp pay service is stalled because of the objections given by the regulatory body.

The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) wants WhatsApp’s digital payment system to be in compliant with the regulations mentioned by the Reserve Bank of India. It is because according to the report presented by RBI, WhatsApp’s digital payment service isn’t entirely following the data localization norm. Unless it is entirely acquiescent to the data localization standard permission will not be granted for the launch of this payment system.

Since 2018 WhatsApp has been testing its digital payment system but every time it has been facing issues either because of its competitors or because of certain government regulations and even security flaws and is being questioned by the government authorities.

But still, the company is working round the clock to come up with a solution to all the problems it has faced till date and hopefully soon it will be available to over 400 million users in India where they can confidently use the digital payment system to serve their needs.

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