Posted on 24th June, 2020

App Launched by Shopify for Compulsive Shoppers.

To keep up the pace with the buying habits of modern customers more and more businesses are entering the web world, and making their products and services available online. And Shopify is one of their favorite business platforms which they are using largely to make themselves available online. At present more than 1 million entrepreneurs are using this platform to run their businesses successfully. So, the power of Shopify can be guessed from this figure.

Now, the good news is that Shopify has recently launched an app, designed especially for compulsive shoppers called Shop. It is the up-gradation of the app Arrive which all this while was used by the traders and other retailers of Shopify and was already famous among 16 million customers.

You can expect Shop to offer various products and services along with the tracking details of the package. The shop will not only allow its customers to learn more about the products, but it will also allow them to purchase with the easy check-out process.

According to Carl Rivera, the General Manager of Shop, this app has been designed keeping the trend in mind. Not just desktop users, this app can also be accessed from a mobile app and mobile web. However, getting acceptance from customers is the biggest challenge in today’s world since the majority of them prefer using very few native apps.

How is it going to benefit its customers?

Shop offers customized products, and mostly the brands are recommended as per their preferences shown, either during any product purchase from Shopify store earlier or by tracking their details as mentioned in the app.

Another interesting fact is that access to this app is not only free for brands and shoppers, but it is also ad-free. So, considering the current catastrophe the world is facing at present due to novel Coronavirus, if any customer wants a one-stop solution to their shopping desire can surely use the Shop app. As with its special feature customers can not only browser the list of local traders, but can also avail delivery-related information and make an immediate purchase if needed.

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