Posted on 3rd December, 2019

The court finally lifts ban on TikTok- Good news for ByteDance

TikTok which is quite a popular app used for uploading short videos was banned by the Tamil Nadu court since it was considered to have illicit contents and encourage pornography. However, the court has changed its decision and the app has returned back to both the Apple Store and Play Store.

Though only those people who were looking forward to installing it faced the problem the existing users were able to use it all this while. If not the court lifted its ban it would have resulted in a loss of $500,000 and more than 250 jobs would have been at risk.

In India, around 300 million people are using TikTok out of 1 billion downloads. Thus, we can understand how popular it is on social media.

But after the Tamil Nadu court found it to be exploiting the children and put a ban on it, the owner of the company argued that only a minor portion of it was inappropriate. Not only that after thoroughly reviewing the contents it deleted over 6 million videos that violated the terms and conditions.

This is not the first time TikTok came under government scrutiny. In early February, FTC in the U.S.A fined the Chinese Company around $5.7 million for violating Children’s Privacy Law.

But, now it is good news for ByteDance as its ban from India has been removed but again it is the responsibility of the company to monitor all the videos that are uploaded every day so that doesn’t contain any inappropriate content that exploits the society.

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