Posted on 17th May, 2022

Successful Promotion of Newly Launched Mobile App

The development of a mobile app doesn’t guarantee its success. To stand out in the market, post-launch promotion of the app becomes an integral part of the app development process. However, breaking into the digital realm is a challenging task. You need marketing strategies that enhance your consumer engagement behavior and prove extensive in your business success.

Let’s take a quick look at those simple yet effective mobile apps promoting strategies to boom your online business.

App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization, commonly known as ASO, is one of the key ingredients of marketing any mobile application. ASO helps in improving mobile app visibility in major application stores, for example, Android- Google Play Store and iOS- Apple App Store. It is a very effective and influential method of marketing where it is just like SEO for mobile apps.

With the help of ASO, you can increase your-

  • Organic installs/downloads from app stores
  • Revenue
  • Word-of-mouth marketing
  • Conversions or here subscribers
  • Rankings in the in-app stores
  • Ratings and reviews

Don’t forget to incorporate targeted keywords in your title and descriptions (snippets). It will make the app more engageable and memorable for your app.

You can also add small clips of your app’s going about, images of how it looks like, for example, a promo video. This will instill more value in your brand and will look more focused.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is one of the most effective ways of promoting your mobile applications. You can use different platforms and mediums for starting a conversation about your newly launched mobile app and get the audience excited to click and check out your app. This type of digital marketing adds value and creates awareness through online reviews, ratings, feedback, posts, etc through various platforms and mediums. This type of marketing is more focused on reaching a large scale of audiences at once using the internet.

Here is a list of major types of online marketing that creates a ‘buzz’ in the online sphere so that your mobile app can attract more subscribers.

Blog Posts

Blogs are the most supportive asset that helps mobile apps flourish in the marketspace. Blog posts are informative pieces that your target demographic can go through to increase brand awareness and visibility on the internet. Making the blog readability SEO-friendly is also important. It will help you to communicate with your audience and attract traffic at the same time. This will profoundly increase your app’s reach and put your business in the limelight.


Social media is one of the frontlines of creating a quick social presence to stay ahead of the competition. Various top social media platforms are designed with multiple marketing tools to promote your mobile application. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are some of the few popular social media platforms that can generate a huge audience segment, and create a buzz in the market rather than word-of-mouth.

You can collaborate with influencers on these various platforms to promote your mobile application. Influencer marketing is hitting quite the mark in the digital marketing realm where you can customize each ad with each influencer to indulge more people every day. This is very cost-effective and more of a nuclear marketing technique, where you can focus on each group and convert them into loyal customers.

Online Forums

You can share your experiences or views about the mobile app’s features and functionalities by creating a community online. This will be informative to the general audience and helps market the mobile application sophistically.

You can talk about the app’s key features to build more interest. While you’re at it, try to use some target keywords that will help you to get quality backlinks to improve your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practices. Additionally, don’t forget to add Call-To-Action (CTA) buttons for direct conversion with a great landing page.

Promo Videos

You can release a promotional video to create a buzz like releasing a trailer before launching a movie. This will create a buzz in the market, that is it gets the conversation started about your mobile app. Thereby, it will increase your click-through rates in the app as the audience will be more curious about it to know more.

Additionally, it acts as a sneak peek of your mobile application and helps you stay ahead of your competitors. To ensure your app draws the attention of the right audiences you can create a 30 second video and and make that viral on the internet, also called viral marketing.

Promotional videos spark curiosity in the eyes of the public and thereby push more sales. You can even add a voice-over or even present it like a slideshow- whatever you think is right for attracting the right kind of audience.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is always the first step in the digital marketing domain. They are the very basic and yet predominantly the most influential marketing techniques. You can market your mobile application to promote the idea of your app and create a general awareness with more targeted communication.

Emails are quite personal, but with this, you can create value for your app and bring in new audiences to indulge with your app online. They are frequently checked and have higher conversion possibilities directly.

You can send out sign-in offers, subscribing discounts, app features, coupons, and so on. But send regular newsletters to your subscribers with updates and valuable content to keep them engaged.

Additionally, you can personalize the emails and optimize the content with various email marketing tools or hire digital marketing service providers who can help you more effectively by grasping your target audience’s attention at once. Add CTA buttons and URLs for directly leading them to you.

Platform Marketing

Rating and reviews on major community websites, forums, and other websites like Reddit, Bing, Product Hunt, etc, showcase an upper hand in the digital marketing hood. You can easily leverage them to seek out more audiences and gain popularity in this market sphere. Focus more on the user experience and navigation while leveraging this strategy.

Encourage your subscribers and viewers to give positive feedback to boost its ratings in the app store, and also in the online forums for higher engagement in the long run. This will fine-tune the mobile application’s stand and make your business more rewarding.

You can even register your app on major reviewing directories like Forbes, Fortune, Bazaar, etc for driving your audience to your mobile app.


With these strategies, you can set a clear agenda for how to promote your mobile application in the digital market space to instigate more user engagement, boost demand, and increase your app’s visibility. This will help you differentiate your app from your competitors.

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