Posted on 1st February, 2019

Spying on Other’s Conversation is Easier by “Live Listen“

Apple recently launched the “Live Listen “feature for iPhone and AirPods, enabling eavesdropping.

Your iPhone can get you access to many things which you might not be aware of. Surprised? Don’t be so. This is the underlying truth.

Last September Apple introduced “Live Listen” features through iPhone software updates for the AirPods, which was originally reserved for iPhone’s hearing-aid program, enabling the phone to work as a directional microphone with help of AirPods works as the hearing aids.

This feature is not a complete replacement of any hearing aid, which is quite expensive nor was it introduced for spying. Rather, it was presented for those people with minor hearing loss problems. Not only that, it enables to communicate even on busy roads or restaurants.

How is it activated?

To activate the feature, all you need to do is click on the settings and then enter the control center panel. Upon entering, you need to press the Customize Controls button and hit add sign beside the Hearing icon for adding it to the Control Center. Once, it is done it says “Live Listen On”.

To listen clearly with AirPods you simply need to turn the bottom of the phone towards the direction of the sound and the sound gets conveyed through the use of Bluetooth.

The latest Buzz is that the “Live Listen” feature is enabling users to listen to other people’s conversations or even can help others to cheat on an exam.

How is that possible?

Yes, this is another harsh reality. Some of us are misusing technologies, and we can’t control them either. To spy on another person’s conversation all they do is, leave the phone near the person talking and listen to their conversation from a distant place through AirPods.

Spying on other people’s conversations is illegal and sometimes it creates an awkward situation. Of course, Apple never had any such motive behind the introduction of such a feature, but when some people are misusing it, Apple needs to come up with some other ideas for handling such a situation.

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