Posted on 21st January, 2021

Soon you may check your next appointment on Android Auto

Google will soon release a smart feature for your car software. What’s that?

Did you forget about a meeting you had to attend or are you on your way to attend the same, but unable to recall the address? Don’t worry as Google is working hard to address the problems you are facing.
Soon you will get a reminder for any upcoming meeting you have even when you are sitting inside your car through your car software.

A smart feature will be introduced any time soon for your Android Auto, which will allow you to view your next appointment, and even give directions to the address where you want to reach if you have added the address while making calendar entry.

The idea of Calendar app is not new, as earlier also Android users have enjoyed this feature, but that was successfully removed from the car software in 2019 and was replaced by a read-aloud button to inform you about your upcoming meetings. Even, Apple’s CarPlay feature also includes the same.

But certainly, the latest feature of the Calendar app, to be introduced by Google has several added advantages. You can directly contact the concerned person or reach the location if you have already added the details beforehand, using this updated feature.

Another interesting news is that soon you can create apps for Android Auto, which includes car parking, charges related to the parking and even auto navigation. Currently, the project is at an experimental stage. Once Google finishes complete testing it will be released, to the users for better customer experience.

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