Posted on 19th January, 2021

Soon you can crosscheck your WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp is indeed the most popular social messaging platform, connecting friends and family members from all around the globe that too for free and zero advertisements. The only problem is that very often we receive forwarded messages on WhatsApp whose authenticity is not verified. But things will transform soon.

The spread of fake messages through WhatsApp is the most among the various social messaging apps that are available. It is the reason why this popular social messaging app has been continuously pressurized for restricting the spread of such messages.

Several features are already initiated to control or restrict the flow of fake messages. It is why nowadays people can forward one message to five people at a time, and now again another restriction has been imposed where user can forward only one chat at a time.

This has indeed plunged down the volume of forwarded messages. Still people receives forwarded messages, and there are users, who wants to verify the proclamations that are mentioned in those messages. Which is the reason why WhatsApp is currently running a pilot project, called” search the web” for users, to validate the content of the message through their web browser. And, WhatsApp can never discern the content of those messages.

Every iOS, Android and Windows users can use this feature once it is released. Since, no fixed timeline has been acknowledged, we are still unsure when can start utilizing this feature.

Currently, the company has enabled this feature for the users of Brazil, Ireland, Italy, Spain, UK, Mexico and the US. Where users can find a new icon of magnifying-glass next to the forwarded messages- only those that have been forwarded more than five times- to verify the content, on the web.

Speculating why this action has been taken?

Majority of us have been continuously using WhatsApp, even when we have reached the peak of the global Pandemic, to remain connected with their dear ones. But many times, we are misguided with fake forwarded messages. Even the company is aware of this.

To restrict people from believing in rumours this drastic measure has been taken. So, no more relying on fake messages. Soon we can verify the authenticity of the forwarded messages we receive on WhatsApp.

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