Posted on 10th December, 2019

Soon underwater photography might be at its best with iPhone

Apple is aiming to improve its waterproof smartphone feature.

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to click underwater images. Soon, clicking beautiful underwater photographs will be possible with your iPhone, eliminating the risk of damaging your phone. Very recently, Apple has submitted a clear application for improving this feature of its mobile phone.

Using a waterproof phone is no longer considered to be a luxury. It has become a necessity, especially for those who are in this tech industry, to make their life easier. Not only that, even if you are an amateur photographer, you can click amazing pictures underwater using your iPhone mobile camera.

Taking photographs underwater that too with the mobile phone can be quite challenging.

Almost all latest technology mobile phones are safe even if fully immersed underwater up to 3 meters. All you need to do is make the adjustments accordingly so that your phones can be used under any water bodies. Here lies a problem. And the density of water creates the problem. Since, water is quite dense, taking pictures can give you blurry images irrespective of the fact, your smartphone is waterproof.

Due to insufficient amount of light underwater, even the most effective camera flash renders you a dull picture. This is not the only problem. Concentrating on any particular object underwater is also quite challenging. Moreover, the touchscreen doesn’t work properly underwater.

Without any up-gradation of the current technology, it is impossible to get a meaningful picture underwater. Apple’s latest proposal is to focus on this application.

How successful will be this application? Any idea?

Well, we can determine the success of any application only after it is released and here what we are discussing, is just an application. Nothing has been officially announced by Apple yet.

The idea sounds to be super cool but the reality is something different. Apple might or might not be successful in improvising it. But if such an idea is successfully introduced, then no wonder it will be good news for all of us, irrespective of the profession we belong to.

Till that time, we have to wait to see what the future holds for us.

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