Posted on 23rd June, 2020

Now Use Face Id while Wearing a Mask to Unlock Your iPhone

Face recognition technology is quite a bliss to unlock your iPhone without entering the entire passcode that too in no time. But what if the mask you are wearing due to COVID-19 is causing a barrier while you try unlocking the phone? Apple is on its way to answer the problem you are facing.

COVID-19 has created great turmoil throughout the world, affecting lives in many ways. People can’t think of going out in public areas without a mask on the face. What to do if you need to unlock your iPhone in a public place using Face ID technology, but demands you to open the mask to make it happen?

Well, currently Apple is working hard to find a solution to this problem.

Soon, they will unveil a feature through iOS 13.5 version that will immediately ask for your passcode when you have the mask on your face, rather than causing delay because of the failure of the frequent attempts to unlock the phone, using Face ID. It is indeed good news, especially for the frontline workers who have to continue their work with a mask on face and just can’t remove it because of the possible threats. All they need to do is swipe up while remaining on the home screen from the bottom and enter the passcode.

But what if you don’t like to enter the passcode at all and is comfortable only with the Face Id technology?

Well, Apple has a solution to that as well. After all, the technology has to deal with your face and you can have any accessories on your face. Apple’s front-facing camera is quite sensible and uses depth mapping to scan the entire face for the identification process. But the newest twist will just do with the retinas, and your phone will be unlocked.

Again, of course, this will take some time to be into action, and you have got only two options as of now, either turn off the Face ID feature and simply unlock using a passcode or go for another 3D scan with the mask on your face. Till then the frontline workers must provide COVID-19 contact notification as a part of the Contact Tracing Technology.

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