Posted on 30th June, 2020

Soon expect Moovit to be acquired by Intel.

Intel the leading chip developer is soon likely to sign a deal with Moovit, an Israeli public transfer app developer. According to the agreement Intel is expected to purchase the startup for a price of $1 billion.

Moovit has already raised an amount of $ 133 million from companies like Sequoia Capital and BMWiVentures along with Intel. But what makes the company so popular?

Moovit is popular among the public because of its use of artificial intelligence and big data analysis for monitoring real-time traffic and showing the right direction towards the final destination to around 800 million people worldwide. In fact, it is the most widely used app to explore the best route while moving around cities, and it is also integrated with popular ridesharing apps like Uber to follow the best route for its passengers. And, language is not a barrier to the app’s users. Thanks to the availability of 45 languages.

Very recently, the app’s developer also launched emergency transit services for the various agencies and enterprises so that frontline workers can safely reach their workplace during this pandemic situation due to COVID-19.

Although still no confirmation has been received from the Moovit authorities, as per the reports the deal will be finalized soon. Indeed it is a great move for Intel not only because of their financial backup, but driverless cars and robot taxis can benefit greatly from it while choosing the shortest route.

So next time if you reach your destination before time on an Intel-powered car you should be thankful to Moovit for its excellent feature.

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