Posted on 10th December, 2019

Soon Apple’s Airpods will have a Tough Competitor in The Market

Amazon is working on wireless earbuds.

Earbuds have been around us for quite some time, but very recently there has been an increase in its demand. In the last quarter, around 12.5 million pairs of earbuds were sold in the market, as per Counterpoint research. Among it, Apple’s Airpods took 60% of the market. It generated around $17.4 billion in revenue in the recent fiscal year. Currently, Apple is charging $159-$199 for its Airpods.

Of course, the success rate is not the same for everyone. Google too launched Pixel Buds last year. Unfortunately, they were mocked for its fragile charging case. Even, Samsung, Jabra, Sony all came out with Wireless earbuds in the market but no one could beat Apple’s reputation.

Now, the Seattle based e-commerce giant Amazon is working on earbuds with inbuilt Virtual assistant Alexa, with the ability to control different functions like receiving calls or skipping title tracks while listening to the music of any kind.

This is for the first time, you will find Alexa in the form of a wearable. Are you thinking about its sound quality? Well, it is heard, its features and design will be very similar to that of Apple’s Airpods but Amazon is working on it for superior Sound quality than Apple has.

Moreover, the earbuds of Amazon will be without inbuilt cellular connectivity and this means it will require a separate smartphone for connectivity. Also, the earbuds will appear in a storage box that will function as a charger too. Only, the users need to plug it in with a standard USB cable.

Amazon is strategically using Alexa for grabbing the public’s attention to its mainstream e-commerce business. According to the sources, Amazon initially faced hurdles while finding suppliers and manufacturing partners. Since Amazon favours showcasing big hardware in the month of September, the same is expected in the case of earbuds too.

However, the success of Amazon’s earbuds can be measured only after it is launched in the market. Till that time we need to wait and Apple will enjoy its top position, for being the highest seller of Airpods in the market.

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