Posted on 6th September, 2022

SEO Myths: What You Must Know

When you are aware that organic leads can grow your business then why not utilize the latest SEO techniques? SEO can help you boost your website ranking on search engines. However, it is important to practice effective SEO strategies and for that having a clear idea about SEO strategies is important. This can help you expand your business reach online at a minimum cost. So, be aware of the misleading SEO myths that can have a negative impact on SEO ranking.

In this article, we have highlighted some common SEO myths, so take a look.

Some common SEO myths to be aware of:

A wrong move might ruin all of your hard work even while using the most effective SEO tactics to achieve the best results. That’s why knowing and understanding the following SEO myths is important.

SEO is dead:

This is one of the common myths you may have come across multiple times. It is not true because this method is successfully driving visitors to websites organically.

According to a survey, in 2021 around 74% of companies invested in SEO for its great benefits.

It’s true that to get some general or popular answers visitors don’t have to click on website links. Does that make SEO techniques less important?

Certainly, nothing can change the truth that search engines provide extensive documentation for web admins.

Therefore, for your website to improve its visibility, you need to rely on certain keywords. Moreover, search engines show results only for some keywords, and that’s why keyword search is essential.

Google algorithm is mysterious:

How Google’s algorithm works is not at all a mystery. Google keeps us updated about its algorithm through regular documentation, videos, and blogs. Moreover, they also upload easily accessible search guidelines and post tweets.

Most of the reputed SEO services providers in India, like Futuristic Bug, are well aware of the factors that affect the ranking of your website. Thus they help your website rank higher on the SERPs as the algorithm of Google is not a mystery to them.

It’s a one-time effort:

You would make a big mistake if you believe this, as tracking the performance of your SEO strategy is crucial.

Moreover, optimizing a site is a regular task that you cannot skip. By keeping track it becomes easy for you to identify the issues behind your website traffic, which is slowing down.

To improve your website traffic it’s important to share updated content, check your backlinks, and track your competitors. SEO is a continuous process, and for a successful outcome, it requires long-term investment.

Short-form content is not helpful:

When it comes to ranking, Google has always prioritized quality over quantity. That’s why there is no need to add irrelevant lines to craft long-form content to rank well. Rather, you must focus on relevant and engaging content to keep your audience engaged.

Google gives importance to EAT factors to determine the quality of your content. Therefore, you must upload useful content, and not be worried about the word count. Only quality content can help achieve a better ranking on Google.

Use of long-tail keywords for better ranking:

There is no need to believe that stuffing words to form long-tail keywords will help you rank higher. Long tail keywords are mainly queried with low individual search volumes.

It hardly matters how many words the keyword includes. You must look for highly competitive search terms, and while conducting the research, you will find ‘short tail keywords. However, try to include both long-tail and short-tail keywords for better results.

Meta tags are not important:

For getting a better ranking from Google, you must help the search engine understand what your website is all about. Meta tags play a vital role in this to assist Google to understand your website better.

You will come across that meta tags are not at all important for your site to rank well. There is nothing to prove that this statement is true. However, Google once mentioned that meta keywords are not ranking factors anymore. Therefore, ignoring title tags will not help you improve your ranking. Moreover, it also helps improve your click-through rates.

Link building is not a good idea:

Link building is crucial for improving your website’s ranking. Links on your site also help determine the site’s authority. You generally get those links on your site from high-authority sites.

Therefore, each link can be regarded as a vote, and thus it helps Google rank each page of your site. However, questionable link-building practices have become a concern these days. That does not make link building less important for improving a website SEO ranking. Moreover, Google has also mentioned that a small number of link-building and guest blogging are good.

PPC is insignificant for ranking:

This is another myth as PPC helps improve your website’s SEO ranking indirectly. You can get backlinks by running a successful PPC ad campaign. Therefore, strategize the best PPC ad campaign for desired goals.

Page ranks are not important:

According to Google page ranks are certainly important. It is true that in 2016 Google discontinued public page rank scores. This may make you believe that it has become an insignificant metric and it cannot improve your ranking. It is still a matter because it is a ranking signal. Therefore, for your website getting high-quality links to your web pages are important.

SEO means ranking:

Before utilizing SEO techniques you must understand that SEO is all about ranking. Most website owners think that securing the first position on SERPs is going to help. But in reality, you must focus on getting more traffic to your website.

While strategizing your SEO techniques, focus on the methods that can help drive more traffic. This will automatically improve its position in the search results. For this, you need to prepare informative content to engage readers. You must build backlinks that will also help you get a better ranking.


Ineffective SEO techniques will not help our website rank well. That’s why knowing SEO myths are important. You need to go beyond the myth to understand the truth, which will improve your website’s ranking. Hopefully, through this article, you have found useful information about SEO myths. Make sure you are using the right techniques, you will surely see better results.

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