Posted on 20th November, 2020

Smart SEO Tips to improve our website ranking

It’s easy to improve your website ranking organically when you start practicing simple SEO strategies. Follow the SEO Tips to ensure your website appears among the front pages of the popular search engine Google.

Every entrepreneur who owns a website wants to make their webpage appears on the top page of a popular search engine like Google. But since the competition is tremendous, only a few get the opportunity to make themselves visible. But that shouldn’t hold you from practicing SEO strategies as that is the only way you can improve your site ranking.

Let’s check out some of the effective strategies that will make ensure your customers are not far away from your brand online.

Do some research on the keywords- Think from the viewpoint of your potential clients. Check words and phrases that are used by them in search engines to find search results.

Nowadays, doing keyword-based research is not a difficult task, as several useful tools are available in the market that can throw some light on the keywords you may use to improve your website visibility.

Use keywords in multiple locations-Once you have gained knowledge on the various keywords, you must always include them in the different site locations like – in the page title, in the Meta description of the page, in the URL of the page, and minimum once with the content you have written.

You can even add the keyword with the heading tags, alt tags, and other possible tags.

Check the word limit- Make sure the articles you write on the site aren’t crossing 1000 words, as short articles or descriptions can always give you a better rank. The only thing you need to focus on is the standard and authenticity of the content.

Enable social sharing option- Never forget to include sharing options with the content you have uploaded on the site. You can do this manually or make use of plugins to enable the sharing option. If your reader finds the content to be compelling they will always share it with others for their knowledge.

Use a mobile-friendly site- As the majority of the customers access the internet using their smartphones, it is crucial to create a mobile-friendly website. To do this you need to create a responsive design so that the site gets adjusted automatically, according to the screen size of the user’s device.

Use rich snippets- Using rich snippets might not help you directly in improving website ranking, but when users check the rating of the site displayed on Google search along with their reviews, it grabs their attention. Users have a tendency of clicking on those sites that gets the highest rating.

Use SEO-friendly URLs- Don’t use URLs that are too long or look spammy to the web crawler and also the visitors who visit your site.

Improve loading speed-Ensure your website gets loaded in less time, as users easily get annoyed very quickly if a website takes more than 3 seconds to open and perhaps they never return in the future.

Build backlinks- Link your site with other sites relevant to the content of your site. The higher the number of backlinks the maximum visibility your gain, and this in return also improves your website ranking.

Final Thought
Now, then when you are aware of the strategies that can help you in improving your website visibility, why not implement the same to reach your potential clients online? Also, if you have some other suggestions then never forget to share them with us, as we believe we can increase our knowledge by sharing it with others.

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