Posted on 31st October, 2022

Why Should You Simplify Your Web App Interface?

The web app interface plays a crucial role when it comes to attracting visitors. Visitors prefer using web apps that are easy to navigate. Therefore, its design should be simple and also less confusing for the users. Moreover, the simple interface of your web app can turn it into a tool to boost your conversion rate.

Here are a few suggestions that you will find helpful for simplifying your web app’s interface. Continue reading to understand why minimalism is important for a web app’s UI design.

Minimalism: What is it?

Minimalism is mainly a design principle that focuses on removing all the unnecessary parts of your design. In simple terms, it’s all about sticking to what your users require. With the minimalism approach, you mainly provide your users with what they need to know to understand your business. The minimalistic design of your web app’s interface is also essential for reducing all the possible distractions for the users. Thus, the visitors can easily find what they are looking for and they also appreciate it.

Why is it important to simplify the design of your web app’s interface?

A reputable web app development services provider in India, Futuristic Bug suggests simple UI designs for the following reason, take a look.

Good navigation:

A simple interface ensures easy and good navigation, which is essential to retain visitors to your site. It becomes easy for your customers or visitors to find what they are looking for or want to buy. On a simple interface, all the important buttons are visible, and also texts are easy to skim. Moreover, visitors will find an uncluttered web app that is user-friendly.

Simple to maintain:

You need to keep your web app’s design updated. The interface should be modified too. You also need to maintain the web app and fix the errors. When the interface of your web app is less complicated, it becomes easier for you to maintain it. As per experts, web apps with fewer necessary elements on the interface are less likely to break.

Good for easy accessibility:

The purpose of developing a web app is to connect with your customers easily. An effective web app is always easily accessible to all users, and it is possible with a simple interface. After all, such an interface is easy to handle, and users understand the application of each button. Thus it becomes convenient for your users to utilize the web app without any difficulties.

Quick loading of the page:

Users will never enjoy utilizing a web app that takes too long to load. An interface that is filled with unnecessary elements won’t certainly load quickly. Therefore, keep only what is helpful for your users and make it as simple as possible. This will ultimately reduce the loading time of the web app and also increase its speed.

Useful for better conversion rate:

Your aim to get a better conversion rate won’t be fulfilled with just any web app. It has to be a web app with a simple UI design that is user-friendly. Thus your customers won’t face any difficulty while using your business web app. A less complicated web app interface is certainly a great tool that boosts the conversion rate for your business.

Tips you can implement to simplify your web app’s interface

According to the leading Futuristic Bug, a leading web app development service provider in India, the below tips are essential to simplifying the interface of your web app. Check them out and see how easily you can design a simple interface using the following tips.

Implement the 20/80 rule:

To optimize a web app development project, a 20/80 approach is used. According to this rule, you need to invest much time to understand the requirements of the users.

So, figure out what your users require and expect from your web app. Designing the interface becomes simple when you have all the information to make well-informed decisions.

Don’t make all the changes at once:

You will indeed have to make frequent changes to keep your web app updated. However, bringing all the changes at once may create confusion as you may make incorrect decisions. That’s why it is important to make changes slowly and certainly not at once.

First, identify the vital areas of the web app and then decide the changes you need to make. Above all, stay aware of the impacts of all the changes.

Utilize the high-low method:

For some particular types of interfaces, it may not be possible to design them. Therefore, expert designers suggest high-low methods for UI design. For this design technique, you have to begin with complicated design patterns which you can simplify later.

However, you have to include additional features before you start simplifying them. Thus you can keep a clean yet well-designed interface for your web app.

Prototyping is necessary:

Developing a web app that provides 70% solutions is not going to help you in any way. After all, such a web app is incomplete and also not usable. You can certainly get rid of such issues simply by prototyping your web app. By taking this step you are certainly not slowing down your web app designing process. Rather it will help you ensure that you have designed the web app properly or also rectify the flaws.

Various tools are available these days that also build clickable prototypes. Moreover, you will not even require any coding knowledge for using such tools.

Plan something realistic:

Your existing design may not seem simple and that’s why you may need to make changes. When planning to modify the creation of the interface make sure you are not planning something more complicated. Therefore, you need to plan something which can ultimately solve the issues that the users may be facing. Again, you must not forget the goal of your web app while working to simplify its design. So, always remember the necessary elements of the interface and also what your users expect.

Proper testing is necessary:

Before launching the web app you need to test to see all the changes are perfectly done. The perfect way to conduct the testing is using a beta version of the web app.

Use social media sites like Facebook to release the beta version of the web app. Also, create an email list of users to give access to it. This will also help you understand what these users are thinking about this newly released beta version. You can determine if your web app seems easy to use to the users.

Then you can make necessary changes before launching the web app based on that feedback. This step is necessary for the success of your web app and also for your business.


Simplicity is certainly not going to be out of trend when it comes to designing your web app’s UI. So include the necessary elements to simplify your web app interface. Launch a web app that is not just user-friendly but also effective at the same time. Let your users appreciate the tool they are using, and stay connected with them. This way, you can take your business to a new height.

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