Posted on 8th February, 2019

Selling your stuff through Facebook has become easier

Are you planning to set up your business and promote your product or looking for a digital market place where you can reach large number of audiences?

Hold on, I have got the perfect solution for you. Why don’t you make use of Facebook and get connected with a large number of target audience Yes, I am right.

Millions of people are using Facebook as a market place to sell their product quickly and many of them have turned out to be very successful. All you need is to know your target audience and promote your products by following certain useful tips.

Firstly, you need to click the sell something button on the left side of the page and select the category under which you are going to start your selling. Like if you want to sell garments you can select clothing, if you are planning to sell artificial flowers or photo frames you can select Home Decor category. Facebook automatically tracks the local area from where you are planning to set up your business. Once, you have finished providing details about the product you want to sale you need to add photographs and in just few minutes your products are instantly accessible to all the buyers on Facebook who are in search for such products in your local area.

Your buyers can contact you directly or via sending personal message and you can arrange the pickup time and place accordingly.

Better you follow the below guidelines when you create the account for sale of products on Facebook marketplace:

1. Give an interesting and descriptive headline.
2. Never forget to mention the purpose, quality, and history of your products.
3. Use clear, detailed images.
4. Answer all the queries asked by the buyers
5. You must be ready to give offers to attract more customers.
6. Arrange to meet in a safe public place to give delivery of the product.

Another way to sell your product is by joining groups that are involved with buying and selling of that particular category of products.

One major problem of selling your products by joining group is that, sometimes groups are not localized, chances of getting long distant buyers are always there which means added shipping charges to be paid by the buyers. Advantages are also there along with disadvantages. Once you join the group you will get only those customers who are interested in buying that particular product and willing to book them instantly. In that case, sell of products will be even easier.

One important fact about Group is that only a handful of group is public and the majority of them are private. One needs to seek the permission of the Admin (i.e. the founder of the Group) to join the Group.

Here are some tips you might follow for selling products on Facebook Groups:

1. Use attractive features that grabs the attention of the buyers.
2. Take high definition photographs, for larger and clear images.
3. Never forget to mention the place from where the products are being sold, including the extra shipping charges buyer needs to pay.

But, you can always create your own buy-and-sell Facebook page, in case you want to set up your digital business and build a community, that includes people who are interested in buying stuffs, like the one you sell. With daily updates, once you start attracting a large number of customers, you will soon be successful in your business.

By creating your own Facebook page you can even endorse special events or promotions. The only problem of creating the Facebook page is you will not have any existing customer who is interested in buying your products, like the one you have in case of Facebook Marketplace. But, once you start attracting the customers, you don’t need to look back again.

Here are the list of things, you might do on your Facebook pages to attract more customers:

1. First, concentrate on the promotion part to attract more consumers.
2. Update your page regularly by posting images of the products you are selling.
3. Give frequent discounts and special offers.
4. Write a status about the product and along with few pictures of it on your own wall.

You can even do marketing by sharing posts on your friend’s wall and asking them to share it or like it, so that people in their friend list can view those posts.

Certain tips you can follow to sell the products through Facebook posts:

1. You can create a video or a post on any 3rd party site and share it on your wall.
2. Upload high-quality picture to attract interested customers.
3. Always make the post public and not private
4. Offer delivery preferences.

So, you can see selling your products through Facebook is very easy and creates a huge impact on your business. In a very short period, you can get connected with so many people and sell the item the very same day you have updated it on Facebook. Of course, you always have to stay alert that somebody is not misleading you and most of the time you don’t know them in person.

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