Posted on 12th June, 2019

Samsung’s new foldable phone is a total disaster- Know why

The foldable phone has made the headlines in the last few months. Many of you, just like me, is waiting for it to be in our hands. But unfortunately, it is not going to happen any time soon. The reason I will tell you why.

Samsung was the first company who was all set to launch its new foldable phones giving a tough competition to its competitors. Following Samsung, even Huawei, Royale, Xiaomi and many other companies also started working on the foldable mobile phones.

Samsung also started taking pre-orders and handed out a few review models to popular tech reviewers as well. Sadly, it succumbed to the expectation of the reviewers as they experienced some serious faults with the foldable phones. The reviewers mainly highlighted the issue that remained with the inner screen of the phone. The protective layer of the phone started separating from the device as if that layer is detachable. Once you attempt to remove the plastic strip, the screen immediately stopped functioning. Other reviewers, who didn’t remove the strip, even faced the same issue slowly.

Addressing the issue the company took immediate action and has withdrawn its $2000 foldable phone that was in the pipeline awaiting its release. According to the report presented by iFixit, the phone is appallingly fragile and the way it has been assembled encourages dust to appear behind the screen, as a result, the phone starts malfunctioning.

Now, as the company has decided to pull back the phones from the pipeline, it is difficult to say when it will make its return in the market. Whatever be the circumstances and whenever it returns back, I would personally advise you to wait for some time and not to purchase such high price phone in such a hurry. Since this is a new technology it will take time to be impeccable. Once the reviewer gives clean-chit to the phone and its functionality you can always invest in purchasing this product.

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