Posted on 27th February, 2023

Role of SEO in Mobile App Marketing

With mobile-friendly updates, nowadays, apps are installed outside of any conventional app store too. Suppose you search for an application on a search engine like Google, it will provide you with the results of an installation facility. This creates a new possibility to access any application without going to the app store.

As per a recent survey, more than 27% of people install their apps from various browsers. From this, we can understand that SEO plays a vital role even in mobile app marketing. Today, many app marketers collaborate with SEO Experts to reach a vast number of potential customers.

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What is SEO?

SEO or search engine optimization ensures your content of a website or mobile app can stand out and reach its potential viewers. Businesses and organizations create mobile apps and publish content within app stores, it becomes increasingly important to optimize for relevant keywords and elements within the app store environment to improve the visibility of the app.

Whether for websites or mobile apps, SEO can help businesses and organizations stand out and reach their potential viewers by improving their visibility within relevant search results or app store search results.

SEO is like a super-fast librarian who can bounce from website to website swiftly and provide you with the knowledge you need in seconds. In the case of a website, a librarian is a group of tiny bots that comb through the web pages and present the data that is most pertinent to you.

To continue with the SEO strategies, the SEO experts involve use of specific SEO tools and plugins. Concerning keyword selection and natural usage throughout the page, SEO tools can inform you of the general health of your website. Once can easily find out the flaws to speed up the growth process on search engines.SEO plugins and tools must be appropriately used for your website to succeed.

An SEO subdivision is known as app store optimization (ASO). It ensures that your customers can see your apps and that more people are exposed to your brand.

How to Develop a Successful Mobile App SEO Plan?

A successful mobile app SEO campaign can raise awareness, promote more downloads, and boost conversion rates. The key tactics to concentrate on are listed below.

Create a Website

This may sound apparent, but many apps need to utilize the benefits of a desktop or mobile website. For this reason, they are losing out on a huge opportunity. Search engines are a common way to popularize the apps.

Therefore, your company must also give customers the option of exploring a website. Additionally, some users, even those already familiar with an app, will want to learn more about it from its website. Your website serves as both a business card and a salesperson. With these critical elements, you might retain potential customers.

Do Keyword Research

Finding the proper keywords is essential to success because they are the cornerstone of SEO. Your website’s exposure on search engine results pages (SERPs) will improve, increasing traffic to your website and, subsequently, to your app. it is advisable to look for the keywords that are already enhancing customer conversions and gathering traffic. Even keywords you still need to get a specific page may be interesting. These are occasionally branded keywords.

Choose broad terms you want to rank for and then either optimize an existing page for those terms or write a new page that addresses that particular subject. Check to see if your website is optimized for the best potential keywords.

Suppose your business provides cloud storage solutions, but the page for your awesome new product needs to be ranked. So it would be best to use appropriate keywords to enhance the consumer’s presence.

Optimize the App Name and Metadata

The first step in an SEO app marketing strategy is to optimize the App Name, Title, Description, and URL of your App, as well as the URL’s primary keywords. Ensure the metadata for your website and your app “speak the same language” and use the same approach. Being consistent and using a consistent tone of voice and strategy is crucial.

Optimize app icon

To distinguish your app from others, having a well-optimized icon is critical. Users should be easy to locate and connect with your app icon. Your app’s icon should match your brand’s aesthetic. Optimizing the icon for the app store’s requirements would be best.

For instance, the size, color, and shape requirements for Google Play and Apple Stores differ. Ensure your app icon complies with the requirements to prevent any harm to your rating.

Introduce App Indexing

App indexing allows an app to show up with other pertinent web results in search engines. It instructs search engines to index and crawl apps similarly to web pages. It enables you to reach a larger target audience by considering your app’s related goods and services.
Thanks to app indexing, users will be able to find your app when looking for other information. By doing this, the app will become more visible outside the app store, increasing traffic and downloads. Your app’s and website’s URLs should always be the same.

Content Marketing

You may gradually boost the authority and traffic to your website by incorporating SEO into the writing process. Websites frequently have a large number of blog pages that need more traffic. This frequently occurs when the articles are brief, offer the user little additional value, fail to address the issue at hand, or are simply uninteresting enough (which means low search volume).

You can optimize your page for keywords with a bit of research. Before creating the post, be sure to incorporate the key terms.

Link Building

Another SEO tactic that might help your app gain traction and improve your website or app’s position over time is link building. It is the process of getting other websites to link back to yours in a high-quality way. Use directories, infographics, guest blogging, and other SEO-friendly techniques.

Develop a Powerful App Store Optimization Strategy

Using an app store optimization strategy aka ASO is another technique to increase traffic. It would be best to ensure that the keywords in your ASO plan are pertinent and tailored for each platform to maximize your app’s SEO. Make sure your metadata accurately depicts them. This will help your app perform better overall and raise its page rank.

Remember that optimizing the shop listing works hand in hand with optimizing your icon, feature graphic, and screenshots. You need to hire one of the best mobile app development services. This requires investing in designing and testing different options, but from our experience, it’s worth it.

Create a Podcast

Making a podcast is another SEO tactic to improve your online visibility. We advise you to record both audio and video footage in this situation. When done effectively, such kind of content is very shareable and has the potential to go viral.

Sharing expertise with your audience with a podcast is a fantastic way to gain app downloaders. You can invite people to download your app and include a link to the app page in the podcast’s description.

Apply for App Awards

Winning an award significantly improves your app marketing plan. Awards are a fantastic way to generate attention for your app and draw in new users. Also, having your app acknowledged by field leaders will help boost its credibility and authority.

How to Increase App Downloads From Other Sources?

It’s crucial to have a backup traffic generation strategy because the SEO process requires a lot of time and work. Other factors than SEO can boost app downloads and expand user reach.

Social Media

The most often used method of bringing users to apps is social media. Ensure that your app has dedicated sites or profiles on the major social media networks and any appropriate specialized platforms. Also, think about utilizing influencers to promote your app. If they have a devoted user base and are relevant to the market for your product, micro-influencers can especially have a significant impact.

PPC and User Acquisition

Examples of this category include Facebook ads and Google Ads. These are excellent strategies for reaching a sizable audience interested in your sector and potential clients. Enhancing communication and building trust with your audience is a necessary tactic.

Coordinating your ASO and UA efforts with a single message throughout your whole user funnel can increase downloads, conversion rates, and ROI.

Apple Search Ads

Using the new Custom Product Pages (CPP) functionality for iOS will enable you to tailor the app’s product page. It suits various ad groups and topics, which should help you boost conversion and click-through rates. You can create a unique URL to utilize in your UA ads and have up to 35 personalized product pages.

Ending Note

SEO is an essential factor in the marketing industry. If you want to execute an effective SEO strategy, you need to consider a significant number of factors. After balancing all the elements related to boosting your search engine ranking, you might have the taste of success. Many digital marketers are eager to provide you with SEO services in India. So, do hire the best SEO experts with proven strategies.

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