Posted on 18th October, 2021

The Right Questions To Ask When You Are Looking For A Website Designer

No matter how charismatic the elevating pitch of the website designers are, you should know what you need for your brand and business. We have jotted down a set of questions to help you ask the right questions to your website designer before you are hiring one. So stop worrying and find yourself the most magnificent website designers to help with responsive website design services in India.

1. Do you have a tailored profile that I can check out?
While choosing a website designer or a website design service, you should always look into the previous work that they have for their clients and set it as your example or use it as a brick to start your new website design. Especially if you are an entrepreneur or do not have any idea, this readymade portfolio will help you to make your best decision while choosing the correct one for you.

2. What kind of services do you offer other than website designing?
Often while designing a website for our online business, we also require other services like website development, marketing strategies, online customer support services, and so on. It is always helpful if you can find your right place inclusive of other related services along with website designing. You can easily align yourself and have the right visionary to imply them.

3. Does your company specialize in any particular service?
A website designing company may have other services that they specialize in like they can be front-end developers or back-end developers or even full-stack developers. While website designing, they are different codes that a website designer chooses. Most of them use basic HTML coding so that it is more user-friendly.

4. What methods will you use to study my brand and business flow?
From an initial stage, your website design company should have detailed knowledge about your brand, product line, services it offers, your brand identity, and business flow in the market. to create the right website, a designer needs to entail your vision of your website or your company. Like your target audience, features you want on your website, and so on. Therefore to study all these they should study your market value to create the right website for you.

5. How much time will you take to set up my website?
Time is of utmost value. The more time that goes into your website building, there is a chance of losing more customers too. There is also your valuable time that you need to focus on keeping the business flowing rather than get into the technicalities. Choose the best while keeping time for your rest!

6. Are your website designs price flexible?
There is a very important factor that you need to consider is the budget that you can invest in your website designing. You should be the one that will offer you their price-oriented quality services. Always choose quality but don’t let it put a hole in your pocket.

7. What is the cost of website design services?
When you are making a choice, always consider other factors too! While choosing a company or an individual for designing a website, also evaluate the cost. There are both ups and downs in these. If you are hiring a company then you can avail of other services too but the cost will be a bit higher. When you are hiring an individual, the cost will be lesser but you can avail of other related services.

8. What details do you need from me before taking up my company?
Every company needs a background of your company and brand before building a website for you. Your underlying vision will be their asset to create and innovate the best website design for the same.

9. Do you work in-house or outsource your assignments?
With growing outsourcing services in India, most of the companies prefer to outsource their projects as it saves a recurring cost for the company while employing a website designer. The most responsive website design services in India have their staff, so they are always available.

10. Do you abide by the SEO best practices while building a site?
Every website should always use SEO’s best practices like meta-tagging, using target keywords, alt tagging, tagging titles, products, and images, use internal linking and unique content to increase your rank in the Google SERPs. You should explicitly mention that your web designing service provider should take into consideration all these factors.

11. Which Content Management System do you apply?
When you are a website designer who is not building your website brick by brick, Content Management System is used to create, innovate, edit and run your website using CMS and its ready-made interface. Some of the well-known platforms are WordPress, Shopify, Wix and so on that have pre-designed modules for website building with add-ons and extensions

12. Do you customize your website or use website templates?
Every website designing company customizes the design as per the requirements of the clients and even uses pre-designed website templates from their portfolio. It depends completely upon you and what choice you make. So be decisive about the styles, fonts, texture, shape and so on so that your vision turns into reality.

13. What type of website-building tools do you use?
Every website designer has to look into the fact that what website development tools should be considered while building a website for you. There are many aspects of website building like elements to be used in the designs for example Pixel perfect design, Pop-ups, Parallax and so on. Payment gateways and shipping methods, easy check-in and check out customer processes and other specifics that need to be considered for making an e-commerce website otherwise just the basics. Always state the preferences that you require explicitly to your website design service provider.

14. Will the transition from the old website to the new cause any interruption in my business?
When you are transitioning your online business from your old version into a new website, there is always a downtime or a lapse in your business flow. But if you are a start-up it is just a minute detail. This transformation may make you lose some essential business days. So always be clear to mention to your website designer that it should be a quick process.

15. Who is my contact person in your company?
When you are in the process of selecting a website designing company, then you should be clear on whom to call in your hour of need. This can be your project manager or the company’s human resource manager. Usually, in such companies, every project manager has their own clientele that they manage and look into their needs. So don’t forget to be clear on your go-to person for your queries and doubts.

16. How much of my involvement is required while building my website?
During this initial process of website building, the company needs all your details so that they set the sail for building the website. During this procedure, you may need to be more closely involved but as the basics are over you need to be updated but no thorough involvement is required.

17. Can you build an e-commerce website?
If you don’t just want a website for your brand but also need an e-commerce website for your online business then ask this question to your web designer. If there is a package offered by the company along with price sensitivity then be sure to ask this question. Be very particular about your online store that can be supported using the CMS that is being offered to you.

18. Do you use the HTTPS protocol to secure my website?
A safety and security protocol is a very important aspect of your website. It is better to be late than sorry! Be sure to ask this question to your website designer as the HTTPS protocol confirms and secures the link between the client or the viewers with you. It secures the network and doesn’t allow any AI or fake users to hamper or bug your flow.

19. How many landing pages will there be on my website?
There are different parts to your website or your page. These are landing pages. Most start-ups, small and micro enterprises have 5 to 6 landing pages. They are –

  • Home Page
  • About Us
  • Blogs or Details about your business flow and brand identity
  • Services Offered
  • Contact Information

Each of these has its own purpose in making your website most engaging.

20. What are your post-launch website services?
After the launch of your website is locked, there are a lot of other services that usually such companies entail. Such as website marketing, brochure designs, business cards, digital marketing and so on. Be precise about your needs and mention to your website designer if you want to avail other such services too. This will help you to find everything in one place rather than engaging your brand with different companies.

21. Will you integrate my website’s marketing strategies?
Every website to drive traffic and positive engagement to establish any business. While designing a website for you, be sure that you mention this to your web designer so that you integrate the website’s marketing strategies in such a manner that it becomes a much easier flow for your business module. Through digital marketing, for example, your potential visitors can generate digital leads for your e-commerce too.

22. Are your websites responsive?
Make sure that you mention this fact to your website designing company. Responsive website Designs or RWD means it is flexible with its display on the device on which it is viewed. It should always consider Google Mobile Index to make it more customer-friendly.

23. Will I have ownership of my website and its contents?
When your website is designed, make sure that you check if you are the owner of your website and the contents that have been featured. You usually own the contents and not the template or platform that is used in your website. Make sure you sign a pre and post-launch contract if needed so that there are no loopholes later. Always ask this question and be clear on the specifics.

24. Will my website be ADA compliant?
You always need a customer’s perspective and what they need for a seamless website experience. For this, we need to take into consideration that our website should be ADA (Americans with Disabilities) accessible and follow their guidelines if you want an international audience. Use robust tools and features that are ADA compliant.

25. How many rounds of edits and trial runs are needed before its launch?
To make your website design pitch-perfect there are several rounds of edits, reviews, and trial –runs are made. These can be helpful to take out all the bugs that are stopping your website from running smoothly and with ease. For a seamless user experience, this is one of the most important stages of website design services. Don’t let it skip your eyesight.

So when you are ready to go all-in while hiring the most responsive website design services in India, don’t forget to ask all these questions. It is because your decision will set your path for a long time.

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