Posted on 27th April, 2020

Revamp Your Business Using Social Media Management Tools

The social media platform is a great way for showcasing your online business but hiring a specialist for marketing your brand might not fit your budget. Here is what you can do.

Lucky are those who can hire a digital marketer for branding their products online. But not all can afford it, especially those who are running small businesses. But nothing to be worried as there are free social media management tools that you can opt for marketing your product and services. Here is the list of the most popular tools that can solve your purpose.

Manage your online profile using Buffer. One of the best tools which helps you to manage your multiple profiles very easily. Apart from that, it suggests the perfect time for posting your content so that you can have the maximum followers. Using their chrome extensions you can easily schedule the time for posting your content.

It is quite a reputed site which offers several things at the same time. Starting from scheduling the posts to tracking customer’s engagement, comments and their data, everything you need for marketing your product. What’s more?

It also includes a free extension just like Buffer has which allows you to share your content on a wide variety of social media platforms. It also includes a media library for you to store photographs for future use.

It too includes various interesting features for multiple social platforms, especially for your Twitter account. As your twitter followers increase it clean your Twitter Inbox clean. Apart from this, it also helps with scheduling the post, further tracking the keywords, research, reduce the URL and manage around five twitter account at the same time.

Of course, it includes unique features for other social media platforms as well but if you are looking to manage multiple platforms at the same time then buddy, you have to pay for it.

Sprout Social-
Its service is quite similar to that of HootSuite site and offers a wide combination of tools for monitoring, scheduling and for further analysis of data. It supports almost all the social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. Its social inbox feature is absolutely great which enables you to do social monitoring and search the necessary keywords for your content.

if you are looking for a tool exclusively for managing the Twitter profile then TweetDeck has the solution for you. Whether you are looking for customized Timelines, managing the Twitter list or add team members to your account, everything is possible that too for free.

These are the best options according to me. I know lots more are there too. Start experimenting them from today itself and grow up your online business as you want them to be. As these tools will not only help you to socialize more but also help you to make more money.

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