Posted on 10th June, 2019

Reasons why Snapchat is regaining its popularity?

The not so popular, gradually diminishing social app Snapchat suddenly turned out to be voguish.

It is for the first time in this present year people mostly teenagers started reloading their Snapchat application which they either have deleted or stopped accessing in the last few years. Initially, when SnapChat was introduced it was massively popular but then again with time it lost all its popularity. However, recently it has again regained its popularity. Thanks to the two new filters that went viral and made it popular overnight.

Whoever is hearing about these two new filters cannot restrict themselves from trying it. It is basically a gender-swapping filter, allowing the users to try their opposite gender look. Thus, if you are a female user you can add the masculine features to your photo like adding beard or having short hairs or you can even try with some other female features like putting makeup or enhancing your complexion.

The photographs that you take is not necessarily restricted only to Snapchat. The best part is that you can share those picture beyond your Snapchat group with some other friends who are there in your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram account. Needless to say, these new filters have become fun filling online activity most famous among teenagers.

As Instagram added its new feature Instagram Stories it dragged out many users from Snapchat. But again people have started using it and they have turned out to be bonkers these days as now Snapchat has become an efficient tool for them where they can successfully catch some engaging content.

Top celebrities from around the globe are sharing their Snapchat images on Instagram, Twitter Facebook and they are loving it truly. So much so that its download ranking suddenly jumped one step higher fortnight. So, you can never consider Snapchat to be dead. Currently, the number of users has increased to 186 million people. Just imagine its increasing popularity. But the question is how long this popularity will continue to grow?

Well, each time a new filter triggers such apps will continue to gain their popularity be it Twitter or Instagram or even Snapchat. Amid our busy hours when we are really stressed up we can easily hook in between these apps to free up our jammed mind.

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