Posted on 24th March, 2021

Why P2P Mobile Payment Apps are so popular?

As more and more businesses are entering the web world, the use of Mobile Payment Apps has started accelerating fast. But why?

The advent of the internet between the 80’s-90has already made us witness the era of Digitalization, which kept on evolving with various technological advancements. Today popularity of this robust technology has increased so much that it’s alluring more and more businesses to come online and achieve their target. Moreover, the integration of Peer-to-Peer Mobile Payment Apps, five years back has further aided the process by making fund transfer easier.

What is a Peer-to-Peer transaction?

The process of electronic fund transfers between peers, typically using Mobile Payment Apps.PayPal, Zelle, Venmo, Apple Pay Cash, Google Pay, Cash App, Metal Pay are examples of some of the popular P2P Payment Apps.

What makes mobile payment apps immensely popular?

Various people are choosing this emerging technology for varied reasons, and the list is endless. Where some use this to pay the food bill of a restaurant, some pay monthly house rent to their landlord, and some also transfer funds to help their friends and family members.

People mostly prefer using this technology because they enjoy living a carefree life and don’t like carrying their cards anymore, thereby endorsing a cashless economy that is secured, fast and even hassle-free. All they prefer is to have peer-to-peer payment apps, Cryptocurrency platforms and mobile commerce platforms.

The best part is that even geographical boundaries cannot hinder the transfer of funds and some platforms also allow to make international funds transfer.

Below are some of the significant features of P2P Mobile Payment Apps-

a. Highly secured- Nearly 1 billion people are using this electronic payment system because theP2P payment app allows them to transfer funds to their respective bank accounts, within a secured environment.

b. Receives notifications- Users get notifications before and after the transaction is initiated and also gets a reminder for upcoming bill dates and special offers.

c. Receives OTP- To facilitate secured transaction user receives a One-time password. Upon confirming the unique ID, transactions are performed.

d. Generate invoices- Mobile payment apps also allows users to generate invoices against transactions that are done, within the application for future references.

e. Can view transaction history-The filter that remains within the Mobile payment apps, allow users to keep a record of previous transactions made by them. So that they can use it for future reference purposes.

All we demanded is a simple process to make fund transfer easy, and the P2P Mobile payment system has facilitated the system. Moreover, it has encouraged businesses to receive instant payment from their customers, leaving enough room for growth.

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