Posted on 10th August, 2020

Ready to hear news stories on your iPhone?

Yeah! You heard it rightly.

All these while iPhone users have been reading news on News + platform but with Apple’s latest update news stories will be audible too.

From quite a long time Apple has been working on the audio version of the new stories, seeking permission from publishers who write content for Apple News+ to create an audio feature for stories that are published there.
Now, in its latest beta version iOS 13.5.5 Apple has released News+ audio feature. So, you can easily hear the recorded version of the news story than reading it. You only need to hit the play button to hear the news which you preferred reading.

Upon choosing the audio version a media player will pop up, making the rewinding, skipping, and other adjustments easier.

However, such a facility will be given only to the subscribers even if the audio button is visible to all. Others can hear only the headlines of the content that is made available for all.

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