Posted on 9th October, 2018

Read The 5 Secrets About App Store Optimization

Apps are a really big business. Its growth rate is exceeding day by day to almost 30%. The app industry is one of the hottest topics right now. Even, app creation and purchases are on an upward scale. With billions of smartphones sold in the world, people are actually buying its apps and not the brand. This is why the app store optimization (ASO) is extremely important to both the marketers and optimization experts. In fact, a lot of mythicizing is going with it that makes the topic more serious.
In this article, I will actually fuse the hidden myths about app store optimization and reveal a truth about them that will guide you to understand this technique.

What exactly is it? Why at all it matters to us?

Firstly, let me clear to you that ASO is really important.
This is not because apps are a big buzz these days but the reason is that customers are searching for those particular apps. According to the reports, there are like 63 % of the iOS users, striving for a new app especially, browsing apps to discover new apps. According to the head of the researchers from the Google play, daily active users are actually looking for the apps every now and then.

App store optimization is completely a new technique from that of the SEO. The best SEO service actually provides different variations of the title on the daily basis, changing keywords and adding new keywords to it and finally, making it suitable for the customers. Here are the 5 factors that are actually important:-

1. Keywords are the most important thing:

As we go deeper into this matter, we see that keywords are helpful for both Search engine optimization and App Store Optimization. Keywords are an essential requirement in the title as well as the description. App titles should contain keywords that are ranking higher than others. App stores and the Android Market have the algorithms for keywords.

2. Ratings are everything:

We can never debate on whether the rating is actually an important thing. With the number of the push notifications and that of the near-begging from the apps, it can be concluded by the readers that ratings should come first. Although, if not in the first, it is actually the most important feature in of the app store. Ratings are mainly to discover the actions of the users while they are downloaded or browsed. It can be a medium ratings or the competitive search engine ratings. Google play’s search algorithm has the most meritocratic approach to the app discovery, visibility and also lets the higher quality app to actually rise in the top position.

3. More the downloads, more it gets recognized:

There are some ASOs with firm belief that if the app is found in Google play or app store then it will be more downloaded and desired. Ignoring the niche we come to the point that just titles and headlines are not everything, one also needs the downloads to get more as it helps in gaining higher ranking. It depends on upon the marketing of the app and velocity depends on the popularity of that particular app.

4. Get local and then noticed:

If you are targeting for a particular country then you should go for a local language so that local audiences can relate to your app first and then you can gradually go big and start targeting it for other languages. You may do it in English version as few apps are on English version which raises the popularity and competition for the English version as people can relate more to it. Hence, you get noticed.

5. Better screenshots for the users:

Though not the most important thing, the screenshot should be designed in a better way and with better quality that would also help in the rankings. When the users view the screens on their smartphones they can actually download it and install it properly.


ASO is not as easy as ABC. If you actually follow the steps this would definitely make you a star on the Google play store. If not, then also it would do you no harm but only good.

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