Posted on 30th May, 2019

Q is the new Voice assistants breaking gender stereotypes

The master voice that sails between 145 Hz and 175 Hz

All this while we are accustomed to hearing female voice assistants mostly while using Artificial Intelligence supported Voice assistant. We hear the male voice too but mostly when anything is related to authority. Rest of the times we prefer listening to the female voice, be it playing songs or following directions. The core technology has been built up in such a way that either of the two genders assists us.

To break these gender stereotypes, a joint project between creative studio Virtue Nordic and social scientist Julie Carpenter, created genderless Voice Assistance called Q, for the first time in the world.

Technology should always remain unbiased to carry on its progression work. For the first time in the history of Artificial Intelligence, this genderless voice assistance is the right step taken towards inclusivity.

With the introduction of Q, a new set of the definition has been set, who can skillfully carry on the task of digital assistants. Even if technology fails to solve the real problems, Q will be able to give solutions.

To develop Q, the researchers collected a few samples of transgender and by combining them digitally, they created a unique voice ranging between 145 Hz and 175 Hz. By taking feedback from humans the developers tried to build a neutral voice. This is also an encouragement for tech companies to come forward and accept Q as a third voice option and also to take social responsibility, especially when it is related to accepting wide variation and inclusivity.

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