Posted on 16th April, 2021

Popular website designing trends you must follow in 2021[:kr]Popular website designing trends you must follow in 2020

Need a website? Know the trend before you hire a professional website designer to create the most captivating website for you.

It is true that trend keeps on changing, but again not so fast that what we call a trend today, will flush out tomorrow. A trend remains at least for a two or two and maximum for a decade, depending upon various factors.

In case of a website, it is the tools and technological advancements on which the trend depends. You might not blindly follow a trend but cannot ignore it either to upset your business.

Twenty years back when the first website was designed, it was a text based site with few links. The only touch of colour it had was the blue colored default hypertext.

Later with time, ads were introduced into the website. Pop-up windows started flashing, graphics, small animations were loaded on the website. The font size and its style witnessed a change.

Gradually, with time, the entire website design and its structure changed. The trend changed and as a result the expectation of the users changed.

So, in case you are looking forward to start an online business, and need a website, below are the few things you must consider to make it a big success.

1.Voice UI- Voice Assistants have become a part of our daily lives. Big tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Google and Microsoft are investing billions on this technology to further improve this assistant.
Users are looking forward to experience Voice UI on a website, so that can directly ask the voice search to find the information they are looking for.

2.AI chatbot- You never know when your potential clients will be visiting your website to search specific information or product. As, it is not possible for any human being to remain active 24/7 to answer the queries their potential clients will be having, after visiting the site, they can always use AI integrated Chatbots to do that work.

Chatbots are designed in a way that they can answer the common questions that are ask by visitors. So, you don’t need to stay awake all the time. And for serious issues you can always encourage users to email you or call the customer support number. This also helps to improve the bounce rate.

3.Videos- Simple video are often more effective in creating a memorable impact, than just writing texts and using graphics. You can always upload videos on a website with a background music, to make it more interesting for the site visitors, and encourage them to return back often.

4.Mobile-friendly design- Customers nowadays hardly uses PC’s to surf the internet. They only do so, when they are mostly engaged with any office related work. Otherwise, users prefer using their smartphones to visit any site on the web.

Therefore, it is vital for any designer to create a mobile-friendly design of a website, so that it looks good on any device, regardless of the screen dimension.

5.Personalized experience- As every user is different, their demands are also different.
It is important for a website designer to integrate a technology or tool so that users can get product recommendation based on their characteristics, behaviours or other attributes and get a personalized experience.

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