Posted on 21st January, 2020

Overcome your presentation agitation- Thanks to Microsoft.

PowerPoint is working on several new features to help you refine your presentation skills.

Many of us suffer from agitation before delivering our presentations. This quite of nervousness is quite common and there is absolutely nothing to worry about it. You only need to boost up your confidence level and Microsoft will help you to do so. How? Continue reading this blog.

Artificial Intelligence has already proved its effectiveness in various sectors by acting like humans. They have been planned and programmed in such a way that they can perform several tasks- from recognizing speech to translating languages and even taking necessary decisions. Now Microsoft is using AI as a tool to overcome its user’s presentation anxieties.

After listening carefully to your practice before you make the final presentation, it will provide you with immediate feedback on your speed, words and various other factors. It will even guide you in the process of speaking and inform you if you are using elusive languages or even reading straightaway from the slides.

Waiting for its arrival time? Well if reports are to be trusted then this tool is expected to arrive by the end of this summer.

Apart from the AI tool, it is also updating its Designing tool i.e., PowerPoint Designer which was introduced for creating slides automatically in 2015. From now on, Designer will be able to present templates as per their choice along with several background options relevant to the title.

Microsoft’s ultimate goal is to help its customers to overcome any kind of fear while constructing any effective slide by suggesting various slide designs. All these while they have been experimenting with AI which might not remain unsuccessful in changing the world but can make human life much easier.

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