Posted on 22nd June, 2020

Now Google Meet app is no more restricted. An insight into it

Google Meet, which is just like any other video conferencing app, was initially instigated for paid users. But now, it is free for users from all over the world. By looking at the gushing demand for video conferencing, especially when the entire world is locked down at their homes because of the outbreak of COVID-19, and restrictions imposed on them by the government to avoid contamination of the disease, Google has rolled a free version of the app.

Earlier this app was exclusively used for business and education purposes where users had to create an account to carry on with the phone calls. Now anyone with a Gmail account can access the app for free, and up to 100 users can join the meeting that too without any time limit. Although chances are there that after September 30, 2020, Google might put a restriction on the time boundary of such calls and allow such calls for a length of 60 minutes only.

What about the safety measure?

To make such calls hacking free, not anybody can join the video chat. One has to follow the log in procedure and they need to send the meeting request which upon acceptance by the host can successfully join the video conferencing.

Also, the company is in a plan to slowly replace Google Hangout another video conferencing app with Google Meet. However, this is not going to happen anytime soon, but gradually things will change for G-suite users and Gmail users.

But of course, certain things will remain special for G-suite users like G-suite Essentials that includes both Google Meet and Google Drive but not everything will be made available for Gmail users.

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