Posted on 16th March, 2022

Marketing a Newly Launched App- A Comprehensive Guide

Reaching the right audiences and convincing them to download the app is nearly impossible unless you have a well-planned marketing campaign for your newly launched app. Launching the app with a proper marketing strategy is therefore crucial. Even before you launch your app, there are some crucial steps you need to take.

Steps to take before starting the campaign for a mobile app

To start a successful marketing campaign for your newly launched mobile app, you need to take some important steps. These steps are important for the pre-launch phase of your app, and therefore for the marketing campaign.

  • An in-depth market study:

You must conduct thorough market research for your marketing campaign and find out the approach suitable to market your mobile app. Doing market analysis is necessary to discover your customer’s personas. Furthermore, it allows you to review and understand the strategies of your competitors. Moreover, you can learn about your competitors in the market and how their apps are performing.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses:

Before developing and launching your app, it’s important to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the app and fix the flaws, if any. Then, you can highlight the strengths during the marketing campaign.

  • Which social media platform is ideal:

To promote your newly launched app, you’ll need social networking sites. During the pre-launch phase, decide which social media platform is suitable for your marketing campaign.

Ideal ways to start campaigning for a newly launched app

Consider the following ideas to begin a marketing campaign for a mobile app you have just launched.

  • Social Media Marketing:

Social networking sites are probably the best way to market your newly launched app. During the pre-launch phase, you get a chance to know which social networking site is appropriate for your campaign. After all, you should choose those sites preferred by most of your target audience.

If you want to target specific groups, then Facebook is probably your best choice. On the other hand, Instagram is one of the best platforms to create content that is certainly eye-catching. However, you can also make use of multiple social media platforms for different purposes or connect with a digital marketing company in India to guide you further.

  • Email marketing:

Another great way to promote your newly launched app is through email marketing. You can start by developing a mailing list. Try sending updates about your newly launched apps to potential clients. Besides, you can always send new offers and discounts to your mailing list contacts. This is indeed a unique way to promote your app? It is because you only send emails to customers who have shown an interest in your products.

  • Encourage to share reviews:

While promoting your newly launched app keep in mind to increase the conversion rate. Encourage your customers to leave reviews after using the apps as such reviews encourage others to download your app. Additionally, you can encourage them to share any issues they encountered while using your app. You can ask them to send emails to share their feedback but not regularly as it can be annoying.

  • Word-of-mouth marketing:

An easy way to promote your newly launched app. It’s also called referral marketing, where users get recommendations to use a new app from friends. Thus, you can easily attract new customers to your brand. You also gain more users without spending any additional amount. If your users have a great time using your app, they will surely recommend it to others.

  • Influencers can also help:

Users look for something they can trust. They will download your app when they hear about it from a credible source. Take advantage of an influencer to help you promote your products.

How do influencers help you? They can promote your products to their audiences. Therefore, when these audiences hear about your app, they are more likely to download it. In addition, they can also share how effectively your app functions. Influencer marketing is also valuable for the campaign of your newly launched app.

  • Paid ads:

You can also get users’ attention through paid ads. Set up your ad campaigns and control your ads’ spending over time. In the future, you can analyze the campaign and determine its success. Moreover, you need to understand the data regarding the behavior of customers. Hence, you can utilize paid advertising to promote a brand new app.

  • Focus on the landing page:

The landing page of your app gives you an excellent scope of campaigning for your newly launched app. The landing page should include the links to your app. Additionally, it should contain all the information that users need to know about your app.

  • Blogs:

Blogging is also another great way to start a marketing campaign for your brand new app. Write about the features and benefits of the app in a blog and share the blogs on various social media platforms. You can also upload that blog on your company’s website. Blogging helps to keep users informed about something brand new in the market.


Last but not least, you must ensure your app is bug-free before launching it. For that, you must get the app developed by the expert app developers of the best mobile app development company in India.

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