Posted on 16th October, 2019

Never get annoyed with two-step verification process

Automated Bots can be totally blocked with a two-step verification process.

Sometimes, you might not like the idea of tapping passwords several times for entering into your account, but that is what actually can keep your account safe from any automated bots trying to poke its nose. Certainly it is the best way to keep your account safe.

Are you familiar with two-step validation process? If not then I will tell you exactly what it is and how it can benefit you?
The two-step validation process is providing an added layer of security for proving the person himself/herself is logging into the account. Even if anybody tries to log in to the account it is not possible to access it without the other authenticator. It might be in any form like getting OTP on your mobile phones pressing a prompt on another device.

Google strongly favours this two-way verification process. If this process in enabled on your phone then you might have come across the text “Trying to sign in”? Google has collaborated with researchers from New York University and the University of California to get detailed knowledge on the effectiveness of two-way verification process.

Various research suggests that receiving the verification message through phone can totally block the chances of an automated attack, maximum phishing attack and many direct or targeted attack as well. But having on-device reminders reduces the risk to a great extent. This is highly appreciated for the fact that the chances of someone else tapping the on-device prompt on behalf of you are very less than accessing the code you received on your phone. But, this is a true fact that any physical security key is much more secured for restricting any chances of attack.

The two-way verification process can also be performed in several other ways. Like getting verification code on the secondary email address or mobile number that has been provided. It can obviously block the automated bots from hacking your profile but it cannot fully restrict any phishing or direct attacks. Many of us prefer to add phone numbers in our Gmail account so that if Google finds any suspicious activity, we can be alerted at the soonest.

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