Posted on 14th May, 2020

Negative impact of Online shopping!

Websites guaranteeing superfast delivery might be praised for their excellent service but its negative impact on society cannot be ruled out completely.

Most of us these days prefer to buy stuff online as it not only saves our time but also makes things easily available and of course they have a good return policy as well. We also consider it to be more eco-friendly as well. Since we don’t need to drive our car to the shop for purchasing favourite products which might end up emitting fuels and polluting the environment.

However, there might be another story lying on the other part which you are not aware of. With the increased number of fastest delivery, fuel emission can turn out to be more if not less.

As more people have started depending on Amazon Prime or Walmart for speedy delivery it is creating pressure on various courier and postal services. As a result, the annual emission is increasing.

Moreover, to speed up the delivery process the demand for local warehouses have also increased. Not only that, such increasing warehouses also needs electricity to carry on their work process. Which also ends up creating emissions.

This is also one of the reasons why the companies are looking after other options which can guarantee the fastest delivery again will have minimum impact on the environment. Many courier companies have gradually started using the electric truck for delivering the products or even drones are being used to give delivery on time.

Don’t worry as your products will always get delivered on time. Still, the companies need to look for other options as well to maintain carbon neutrality at the same time can also meet the rising demand of the customers as well

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