Posted on 25th September, 2020

Google’s “Nearby Share” Feature Set to Facilitate File Sharing

Apple always had this AirDrop feature which allowed its users to transfer files instantly. But Android users had to rely on Bluetooth or other robust technology for sharing the files. But things will change soon.

Yeah, you heard it correctly! Things will change soon, especially for Android users. Your Android Phone was lacking a feature that could challenge Apple’s Airdrop feature, facilitating instant file transfer with the need for any additional set up.

But Google has Good news for Android phone users. Soon, it will be rolling out a feature “Nearby Share”, a perfect replica of Apple’s AirDropthat will allow you to transfer file within a close range.

Initially, this feature was labelled as “Fast Share”, and then the name was altered to“Nearby Sharing” and finally, this feature has been renamed as “Nearby Share”.

According to the latest report, some users are already experiencing the beta version of this feature.
So you never know anytime soon you might be experiencing this feature on your phone.

In case you want to experience this feature before it is made available to all, you can sign up yourself as a beta tester and to do that visit the Play Store and choose the Beta option.

After successfully installing the app, you can share things with others, who have enabled this feature too. Also, both of you need to confirm before sharing files, be it- links, photos or videos.

One more thing, don’t forget to select the options like who can find your device and how you want to share your file, i.e. with or without any internet connection.

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