Posted on 11th April, 2022

Mobile App Launch Plan: What You Cannot Ignore?

The advantages of owning a mobile app for business are endless. But launching a mobile app is certainly not an easy task. There are numerous things to be considered before and after launching your app.

So here in this blog, we have highlighted all the key points in this article for you. These will help you understand what you shouldn’t do before and after you launch your app.

Mistakes to avoid in the pre-launching phase

The completion of your mobile app’s development does not imply that it is ready to be released. To properly launch an app, you must verify several crucial factors. Read on to know more.

App store optimization is a must

Your app must be accessible to millions of people. You’ll need to optimize the app store for this. Purpose? This will improve your app’s visibility. Most importantly, you will find this choice in both the iOS and Google Play stores.

When it comes to app store optimization, the inclusion of the right keyword is a must. Incorporating the keyword in the app’s description, content, and title is a must. Yes, specialists from leading companies that offer app development services will always advise you of this.

Do not miss Beta testing

How would you know whether your app is clear of bugs? What if your app crashes while it’s being used? It’s a clear sign that internal testing was neglected. So, Beta testing is crucial.

Beta testing aids you in identifying internal issues and ensuring that your app is bug-free. What, after all, are the other issues that you can discover during the Beta testing? It aids in the detection of bad designs, and other security risks.

Don’t skip pre-launch marketing

What if we say that catching people’s attention is crucial even before you launch your app? A pre-launch marketing strategy is important.


This could result in a higher number of app downloads. But how do you plan an effective pre-launch campaign? Simply use social media, other digital marketing initiatives, and other promotional events to your advantage. Don’t forget to highlight your app’s unique characteristics while promoting it during this phase.

Extensive market research should not be avoided

Without even conducting a thorough market analysis, how would you know where to focus? Is it feasible to comprehend your competitors’ plans without conducting thorough market research? Hence, it is mandatory. In reality, this greatly aids in determining genuine market demand. You can as a result include features that set your app apart from the rest.

Don’t forget to set a deadline

You must fix a release date for the app. This aids you in planning all of the critical steps required for the pre-launch stage. Besides, during pre-launch promotion, you can even inform people about your app’s release date.

What not to forget at the release date of your mobile app?

There are some important steps you need to take on the date your mobile app will release. These are as important as any other steps that are necessary for the success of the app. Read on to learn.

Declare the launch of the app

We’ve already discussed the value of a pre-launch campaign and the importance of setting a release date. Now that you’ve launched the app, you must remind all your target audience about this. How?

You can post this on various social media platforms. Besides, sending e-mails can also help. While making the announcement make sure you provide a link. This would undoubtedly assist people in gaining access to your app.

Don’t skip examining your app metrics

From day one you must not forget to analyze your app metrics. Why? This will provide you with information on the overall number of downloads as well as the number of active users. So, this will assist you in comprehending your app’s performance.

Mistakes to avoid in the post-launch phase

Another phase begins as you launch your mobile app. Experts of Futuristic Bug, the best app development company in India, also suggest that the post-app launch phase includes some important steps. These stages are mostly concerned with monitoring your app’s performance and ensuring its security. For your convenience, we’ve highlighted a few things below.

Error fixing is unavoidable

After you launch your app you may identify some bugs in the app. However, if you are aware of the flaws but do not fix them, your app’s success will be hampered for sure. Most importantly, people will uninstall the app. Hence, you must not make this mistake.

Not updating your app

If you are not updating the app with time then people will certainly find a suitable alternative. Hence, if you ignore this you are certainly neglecting a vital point that is important for the success of the app as well as your business. So, ensure that the software is up to date.

Not providing proper customer support

If you don’t provide adequate customer support, how would customers report issues they encounter while using your app? If you don’t connect with your customers about the app’s services, you’re making a big error. Therefore, don’t ignore providing proper customer support.

Ignoring the feedback shared by customers

The success of your app is ultimately determined by how your customers feel about it. As a result, pay attention to what they say in reviews. This is your opportunity to learn about your app’s benefits and drawbacks. So, take this seriously.

Don’t neglect the security issues

As the app’s owner, you must verify that your app is completely secure to use. After all, consumers will share a lot of data, including personal and also payment details. Your app can be easily hacked if it is not adequately secured. So, app security should be your priority too.


By now you’ve undoubtedly realized that keeping your business app up and running is a full-time job. It begins when you plan to set up an app and continues after it is launched. Hopefully, this article will help you avoid a lot of problems.

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