Posted on 21st June, 2021

Microsoft’s Cloud Platform to maintain patient records.

Soon patient data will be stored in the cloud and the healthcare Bot service will contain Electronic health records.

Now, it’s time to revolutionize the world of healthcare service and to do so, an initiative has been taken by Microsoft. Soon, the healthcare companies will be able to record their patient’s data in the cloud platform of Microsoft and a Medical Bot service will have electronic health records of patients.

Isn’t it good news?

It is obviously good news for everyone since there will be no fear of losing patients’ data anymore, either by patients or by the healthcare department. So, treatments can be started immediately after getting the patient’s records.

Microsoft is actually going to use its Azure cloud platform to store and analyze sensor data of the healthcare department. According to them, their aim is to build a system that can make the health records accessible and shared between the clinics, patients, and researchers.

Many others are looking at it as a way to attract more companies towards using Microsoft’s cloud platform rather than using the platform of Amazon Web Service.

What other facilities will be provided by Microsoft?

Apart from providing storage facilities for records and information, the company is also making an effort to create Health Bots for the Healthcare department. The health Bot will give the facility of a chatbox for live chat, important features like symptom tracker, and medical terminology. It will also help any patient to find information on new drugs and therapies and answer questions related to their prescription.

Thus, we see it has lots to offer. Microsoft’s approach towards the health system is really appreciable. Not, only that such approaches will give rise to several new opportunities which will surely bring progression in our system.

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