Posted on 13th May, 2020

Link building is an important part of SEO- Know why?

Each time you are working towards improving the SEO ranking of your website you cannot ignore backlinks. In fact, Improving the SEO ranking of your website is rather impossible without building links with another relevant webpage. All major search engines that include Google as well, uses backlinks as the major metric for positioning the webpages.

Below are the reasons why backlinks are considered so important in SEO:

Helps Google spider to find out the pages- Google spider uses backlinks to find out the pages on the web. Just the way we use the direction to locate a place we want to visit, the web spider use this to find and index the pages on the website. The more the merrier. The web spider uses the backlinks as a navigational tool and thus your website gets a better chance of getting early visibility.

Works as a reputation management tool for Google- The algorithm of Google is created by human but the software itself doesn’t have any human brain. So, to determine the popularity of your website Google uses backlinks.

Google always aims at helping the searcher by directing them to the best possible website according to their query. So, they guide the user to the most popular website which is quite reputed and can be relied on as well. Even, being a user you always have the tendency of selecting the website which has the maximum backlinks as it makes the website to be the most reliable one.

Pertinent Backlinks increases your website reliability- Since Google showcases the best website on the top page, the website that appears is more reliable as per the users. So, the credibility of the website increases automatically.

So, one thing must be noted that you always need the help of backlink to improve your reputation online, that doesn’t mean you can collect the links from anywhere. You must select only those that are relevant to your website. Otherwise, Google charges a penalty for misusing the links.

Helps in driving more traffic to the website- Since backlinks help the websites to appear on the first page, it attracts more users to visit your webpage. So, you must aim for building links strategically which must include backlink from high-quality websites with above 40 Domain Authority. Then your website will automatically gain users confidence and will have a better chance of driving more traffic to the website. This will also help in increasing the conversion rate.

So, you must consider using the relevant backlinks that too of high quality. This will help you to garner SEO rewards as well and improve your online rankings.

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