Posted on 18th October, 2019

Let Alexa be your preferred newscaster

Amazon has partnered with new providers for giving in-detailed news.

The Popularity of Alexa is no more a secret. The AI of Alexa can help you with many activities and you must have heard it might get a robotic body as well for better performance. What you don’t know is, now Alexa can not only give you an overview of any information you are asking for but it can help you by giving more detailed information, thus becoming a favourite new newscaster.

It is heard that Alexa will get long major news from various news channels like CNN, CNBC, Fox News and others. And, since it will give you all the detailed news, be ready to pay your full attention to it.

But how are you going to activate this feature?

All you need to say Alexa “say the news” or “play the news” from any given new providers. In fact, Alexa too can share the available news stories from different news channels. However, all the lengthy stories will be presented in audio format and it can also be heard from any Alexa powered devices and it includes Amazon’s Echo smart speakers as well.

If you are expecting to watch the video content then you need to purchase Alexa powered video devices, i.e. the device must contain a screen, where you can actually watch the videos. News channels like CNBC, Newsy will be proving the news along with video contents.

Also, if you get bored with any of the news you can easily skip such stories. All you must say, “Alexa, Skip” or “Alexa, move on to the next news”. If you are looking for your preferred news provider, you can go to the settings and select the “Flash Briefing” section and update the same over there. So, this way you can get the news of your choice.

NPR has confirmed its partnership with Amazon for delivering the news. So, Alexa users will always get the most updated information and thus have the best experience out of it.

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